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VIDEO: Fat Joe Talks To The Kids About Health And Fitness

fat joe and cory booker lets move health fitness weight

As a part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker launched Let’s Move! Newark: Our Power (LM!NOP). The program had an event created by Behavioral Health & Fitness Expert Jeff Halevy where the newly slimmed down Fat Joe came to speak to students about health and fitness.

Fat Joe tells the students he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was young, discusses carbs he loved in Dominican food that turn into sugar in your system, eating enough calories for a week in a day, and helping your parents get educated on nutrition. Weight loss has opened a whole new set of opportunities for Joe hasn’t it?

Photo Credit: Mayor Cory Booker

A Dieting Book For Six-Year Olds?

Maggie Goes on A Diet book

There is no denying that childhood obesity is an American epidemic, an epidemic that accounts for thirty-three percent of children. Ensuring that children are more active and inspired to live a healthier lifestyle is paramount but a child’s developing psyche and body image is also vital and often overlooked. Continue reading

VIDEO: Fat Joe Drops 88 Pounds, Explains Made Him Do It

fat Joe weight loss

“I’m addicted to food; I love food,” said Fat Joe, whose real name is Joe Cartagena. “It’s like a crack addict – he hits rock bottom and he says, ‘All right, forget it. I’m not going to get high anymore.’” -Fat Joe

Fat Joe recently dropped 88lbs and revealed his new physique in his latest video “Drop A Body”. Joe, who once topped the scales at 425 lbs, is now around Continue reading

Jersey Rapper Joe Buddens Plays Kickball With Ester Baxter

Isn’t smoking pretty much the anti kickball activity?

In this video (courtesy of dafamcam) New Jersey’s own Joe Buddens plays kickball with video vixen/rumored girlfriend Ester Baxter in tight clothes and a bunch of dudes. Hey Joe, you call those shorts?

This video comes complete with asinine athlete post interview at the end.

Background music provided by Joe of course.

With Southern rapper 8ball getting slimmed down and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest getting a new kidney, hopefully rappers getting active and healthy will be the new rappers getting shot or rappers going to prison. Video below the jump. Continue reading

Rapper 8Ball To Become Pool Cue Thin

I been doing a change in the way I eat, I got youngin’s.

I’m getting older everyday, so I just changed the way I eat man…

I ain’t trying to get heroin chic, but I want to be healthy.

Walking, walking dogs, tread mills.

I do yoga if you believe that. It helps me.

We be doing a lot of stuff to give you more energy.” ~8Ball as told to AllHipHop.com

The southern rapper and half of the duo 8Ball & MJG says he “lost a little bit already by cutting out Continue reading

Phylicia Rashad Reveals New Post Jenny Craig Figure

Photo Credit: nydailynews.com Results are not typical.

Guess who’s a blogger now? Phylicia Rashad, the woman who made me want to be a lawyer in the 4th grade, is now a “blogger” at jennycraig.com. The 61 year old Tony Award winner lost 35 lbs in 8 months and her new pics were recently revealed. Results are not typical.

The Cosby Show actress best known for her character Clair Huxtable, will now be answering your questions about her weight loss or at least that’s what her blog at jennycraig.com says. Results are not typical.

In this song Admiral Bailey praises a woman for having a “good body”. I personally think Phylicia Rashad looks great no matter what. Results are not typical.

Now she too can awkwardly wear a bikini on TV like Valerie Bertinelli or gain it back like Kirstie Alley. Results are not typical.

QUOTE: ["Is there anything you "miss" from your old, pre-Jenny life?]
Phylicia Rashad: Actually, no! There’s nothing I miss. Nothing. ~ jennycraig.com

Does being in the public eye help keep you motivated to stay on the program? 
It’s the weight loss that keeps me motivated. The overall feeling of increased well-being and the satisfaction of continuing to do what is best for me.” Results are not typical.~nydailynews.com

Read more: Phylicia Rashad reveals new figure after losing 35 lbs on Jenny Craig diet

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