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Climate Change Will Lead To More Wars

point blank by jesse Wright
Photo Credit: “point blank” by Jesse Wright

It’s unfortunate that many people think of human society as being separate from, or above, nature. In reality, we are part of it. This means that the actions humans take, specifically the ones which are contributing to climate change, not only negatively effect our natural environment, but also effect our society and the way individuals and nations interact with one another. One of these interactions between nations as a result of climate change is an increased threat of war. Continue reading

Using Cattails To Clean Drinking Water

cattails cleaning drinking water
Photo credit: cattails.info

With climate change comes a plethora of associated problems, one of which is access to clean drinking water. According to the World Health Organization, there are 46-57 million people who are exposed to arsenic levels in drinking water that are higher than the “safe” amount of 0.01mg/L. In eastern Indian and Bangladesh, individuals have been drinking well water containing six times the “safe” amount of arsenic. If you continue drinking this water, cancer is the unfortunate outcome. Continue reading

How Much “Hidden” Water Do We Use Everyday?

coe vs goat water usage

How much water was used to produce that morning cup of coffee you enjoyed? What about in that evening glass of pinot noir? These are the type of questions that we sometimes don’t consider, but should. Luckily, the like-minded people at nationalgeographic.com have created an interactive tool to raise awareness of just how much water is utilized in a number of our daily staples.

wine water usage

The aptly titled nationalgeographic.com article How Much Water Is Embedded In Everyday Life?
includes a tool which compares the water usage of items or individually examines their impact. Tools like this give great perspective on just how much consumption and waste impact our most valuable resource, water. Try it yourself at nationalgeographic.com

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Struggling to Drink Eight Glasses Of Water A Day? Try Eating Water

watermelon mouth

“Drink eight glasses of water a day.” It’s been said so many times who can tell where they heard it. It can be difficult to get that much water in your system. I think we all need different amounts of water and different amounts of water on different days, but it’s more likely that most of us aren’t drinking enough water everyday.

If you’re struggling to drink eight glasses a day or you’re just looking to get more water in your system everyday I suggest eating some of your water. Continue reading

Cheat Sheet: What Is Cholera And Where Does It Come From?

Vibrio cholerae on TCBS agar

Cholera is an intestinal infection that is waterborne, spreads quickly, occurs in places where there is poor sanitation (usually feces contaminating drinking water) and limited access to clean drinking water. These conditions often occur in developing countries. Continue reading

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