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Some Thoughts On M.I.A.’s Contoversial “Born Free” Video

M.I.A.’s new video directed by Romain Gavras is stirring up some controversy and not for nudity like Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”. It was yanked from youtube in the US almost immediately.

The video is violent and graphic but M.I.A., whom I am a supporter of, often speaks of violence in her music and other assorted topics Americans with sensitive ears are shielded from. “Born Free” shows young, white male redheads being rounded up by authorities, a kid getting shot in the head, another beaten and yet another blown up. It’s NSFW but you can watch the video below. Continue reading

Should Black People Own Coal Mines?

Note: This post was written before the coal mine explosion in West Virginia. 25 coal miners have died after a huge explosion at a Massey Energy mine in Raleigh County in the worst mining disaster in the US in over 25 years. Read more about that at democracynow.org

The African American Environmentalist Association was asked in a letter should Black people own coal mines in a global warming world? The face of this request was Shane Evans, a mine dispatcher at Arch Coal’s Thunder Basin Coal Company.

Evans even throws in information in the brief video below about his brother fighting for our country in Afghanistan while he tries to do his part here in the states by providing “clean, efficient, low priced energy”. Coal puts out temperature-raising carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, furthering the global warming and climate change that fancy light bulbs won’t be able to save us from. Continue reading



I heard this speech again for the first time in December. This is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “A Christmas Sermon on Peace” (1967).

Dr. King first delivered this sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he served as co-pastor. On Christmas Eve, 1967.

There was always something missing to me in his ideas about non violence and why it was not a strategy or a tactic but a lifestyle and a worldview.

Dr. King’s birthday and federal holiday land in the beginning of the year, just as many are slowly abandoning their New Year’s resolutions. Well before New Years I resolved to let go of grudges and anger long held inside for persons that had no idea that’s what I was doing all this time.

But how? Surely it was easier said and resolved than done. In this speech I found an answer that apparently I wasn’t ready to hear before.

Often Dr. King’s sharp and analytical mind is overlooked in favor of a “Santa Clausified”, sanitized preacher form Georgia who made one good speech.

In “A Christmas Sermon on Peace” he explains the difference between like and love, why we should love, forgive and work towards peace. He offers us the opportunity to rethink “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men” as “peace within and peace without.”

An excerpt: Continue reading

The Holidays Are Here And We’re Still At War

p l a t o o n [#1]
p l a t o o n [#1] by Jesse Wright

As a kid I remember reading about WWII battles during Christmas and thinking how awful that was. “Those soldiers would have been happier at home for Christmas. It sucks the people in charge couldn’t give them a day off.”

Like I said I was a kid and knew nothing of how Christmas came to be December 25th for so many or what wars would and would not stop for.

This year it pains me that the U.S. is at war again and it still bothers me just a little more during the holidays. Continue reading

Joss Stone And Nas Team Up For “Governmentalist”


Joss Stone teamed up with Nas for this angry rant against the powers that be that send our boys and girls to war. I give her credit for taking a stand on political issues in her music because sadly many of her contemporaries aren’t willing to take a stand on anything and maybe I’ll give her credit for having Nas on this…maybe.

The Queensbridge native’s verse sounds a little out of place and almost cut and pasted in. The retro soul production, the hook and the sentiment may be the strongest parts of this song for me. I still left with the feeling Joss Stone always gives me. White girl, Black voice, forced vocals that obscure the lyrics. I guess I can give her credit for doing it before Amy.

Her new album Colour Me Free is in stores and features this song.

Joss Stone feat. Nas- “Governmentalist”



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