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FDA Makes Tougher Rules For Antibiotic Abuse On The Animals We Eat

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You did know the animals you eat are given antibiotics on a regular basis didn’t you? Well, on Wednesday “the Food and Drug Administration announced the new rule Wednesday after trying for more than 35 years to stop farmers and ranchers from feeding antibiotics to cattle, pigs, chickens and other animals simply to help the animals grow larger.” Those animals are NOT sick, they are perfectly healthy to begin with before being drugged. Continue reading

US Egg Recall Expanded In Salmonella Outbreak

The eggs are in cartons of six, 12 or 18 eggs and come from plants identified as P-1026, P-1413 or P-1946 and followed by a number from 136 to 225. The figures are stamped on the end of the carton. ~Reuters.com”

380 million eggs are being recalled nationwide now due to a salmonella outbreak. Hundreds have gotten sick already in California, Colorado and Minnesota over the last three months according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). No deaths have been reported. Continue reading

LYRICS TO GO: “Beef” by Boogie Down Productions

This song was chosen because the lyrics pretty much say it all.

Song: Boogie Down Productions- “Beef”
From the Album: Edutainment, 1990

My neighbor gave me a mixtape he made back when mixtapes were actually on cassette tapes. He specifically pointed this song out to me and it has haunted me ever since! Continue reading