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Dennis Kucinich Forced Out Of Congress

dennis kucinich losses congress seat

I read the sad news on grist.com this morning. Perhaps the most progressive voice in U.S. Congress, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) lost the Democratic primary for Ohio’s new 9th congressional district on Tuesday. It seems the Republicans have been strategically redistricting to pit Democrats against each other and Kucinich was unable to keep his seat. For that, the target on his back because of his political views, and a few other reasons I’m sure, Kucinich lost his seat. Continue reading

VIDEO: Tom Morello On Occupy Wall Street

tom morello occupy wall street

So this video was posted in October but I stumbled across it recently so I decided to share it with you. This video is all about frames. Notice how Tom Morello is thrown questions in frames like “Which one is you favorite occupy movement?” and “Which occupy movement do you think has the most potential to make change?” You have to watch out for those frames. They’re meant to control the conversation and many times will include false choices. Ever so deftly Morello dismantles the frames, adds new ones and answers the barrage of questions quickly and intelligently leaving little room to be misquoted. Also, check out his stance on the job President Obama is doing, which hasn’t turned into some crushing disappointment, as Morello keeps the realistic stance he had about the president the whole time. Well done.