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VIDEO: PBS “Food Forward Series” Celebrates Unsung Food Heroes

food forward trailer

Description: “Food Forward goes beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions, and recipes to reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food heroes across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.”

Learn more about “Food Forward” at PBS

VIDEO: Sustainability Explained Through Animation

Sustainability animation

When I learned the definition of sustainability what I learned was literal and easy to understand. Now this important idea, this word, has been bastardized and used to mean all kinds of things that oppose it’s meaning or it’s employed as a soft pitch of the words “green” or “environmental”. When we use the word sustainable on sofreshandsogreen.com we mean able to be sustained literally. If you watch this video you can’t confuse things. They kept it pretty simple for us!

Kanye West and American “Power”

Photo Credit: Mitch Epstein, Amos Coal Power Plant, Raymond City, West Virginia 2004

Kanye West has returned and in a way it’s pleasant, even my mama likes him…kind of. West put his best foot forward this week, releasing “Power”, a piece of ear candy the people have been craving on the internets. Complete with easy to sing along chants in the background, the anthem makes impact. Gone is Amber Rose, Louis Vuitton, fancy sneakers and tight pants. All that’s left are the reasons we liked Ye in the first place. When those other things return I might check out though cause it’s still too soon for me for that to come back. Then again it’s still too soon for Eminem to comeback for me…

S1 of Waco, Texas’ Strange Fruit Project co-produced “Power”. It’s the first official leak from Kanye West’s upcoming album Good *ss Job, due later this year. Can’t wait to see what happens then cause with this one song yesterday the internets went nuts in a torrent of fandom Dr. Dre could only wish he would get if he finally gets around to putting out Detox. Or at least the blogs and twitter went nuts. Some said Kanye saved music…again. “No one man should have all that POWER” he rhymed. Word.

“You got the power to let power go?” he asks at the end which got me thinking. Do Americans have the power to let power go? Continue reading

Brad Pitt Honored For Going Green In New Orleans 9th Ward


Far away from the single minded focus of the media giants, New Orleans is still suffering from the aftermath of the response to Hurricane Katrina. Many pitched in to help afterward and many donated to the cause but four years later the city is still being done wrong.

Mayor Ray Nagin in particular is still in such poor standing with many of the residents a poll was taken to see whom New Orleans would prefer. Topping the list was none other than Hollywood actor Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt was honored last week for his humanitarian efforts in helping to rebuild New Orleans at former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s philanthropic summit, the Clinton Global Initiative.

The Cinematic Orchestra- “All That You Give”

The Cinematic Orchestra teamed up with Fontella Bass for this beautiful song. Fontella handles her phrasing with ease and was a great choice for “All That You Give”. I chose this song because it’s dope and even though the spirit of the song is melancholy I chose it also because in my opinion charity, philanthropy and humanitarianism are some of the greenest things you can do. Continue reading