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VIDEO: An ATM That Gives You Cupcakes Instead Of Cash

cupcake atm

LA-based cupcake company Sprinkles has come up with an innovative idea for those of you out there who get sugar and baked goods cravings in the middle of the night. They developed an outdoor cupcake ATM machine. No news yet on whether or not there has been a surge on cupcake muggings but we’ll let you know if we hear anything. Check out the video via Huffington Post on how this cupcake ATM works.

While this may be convenient and even a god idea for someone like Oprah favorite Cake man Raven how far away from fresh and homemade do you want the food you eat to be? And how convenient do you want it to be to get sometimes foods? At least it looks like you have to walk to this ATM you can’t drive up to it or have it delivered to your home at night. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t work in Bolivia!

VIDEO: Fat Joe Talks To The Kids About Health And Fitness

fat joe and cory booker lets move health fitness weight

As a part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker launched Let’s Move! Newark: Our Power (LM!NOP). The program had an event created by Behavioral Health & Fitness Expert Jeff Halevy where the newly slimmed down Fat Joe came to speak to students about health and fitness.

Fat Joe tells the students he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was young, discusses carbs he loved in Dominican food that turn into sugar in your system, eating enough calories for a week in a day, and helping your parents get educated on nutrition. Weight loss has opened a whole new set of opportunities for Joe hasn’t it?

Photo Credit: Mayor Cory Booker

Should You be Eating Broccoli For Desert?

broccolli house
Photo Credit: “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son, so I built him a broccoli house instead.” by Brock Davis

Sounds crazy? Who would eat broccoli for desert anyway? Well, I’m not advocating that you do that I just want to share a story.

One day a coworker was telling me about her daughter who spent the day with another relative acting as babysitter. When my coworker asked her daughter what she did all day and if she had fun the little girl replied: Continue reading

NY Health Department Releases More Disgusting “Pouring on the Pounds” Ads


If the sight of a man drinking what looks like human fat from a glass wasn’t enough to gross you out New York’s Health Department has released another installment of their “Pouring on the Pounds” ads to convince New Yorkers to drink less soda. Continue reading

I Saw Her Again Last Week And She’s Still Greener Than Me

Photo Credit: “RADIATE” by Gigi Bio

There’s this young woman that lives in my neighborhood. At one time she and I had some mutual friends but I never really knew her. What I do know is that occasionally I run into her and she’s greener than me.

It’s always at some off peak shopping hour when few shoppers are around. She’s always modestly dressed, with dark, unprocessed, natural African American hair. Her complexion is clear like she never had a pimple, a scar or a cut in her life. Continue reading

What’s An Easter Basket Without Candy?

Photo Credit: Sea Turtle
Photo Credit: Sea Turtle

I guess the short answer is healthy. The longer answer is addressed in a list on about.com featuring 50 ways to fill an Easter basket and nowhere on this list is candy.

It’s not just sugar in a chocolate bunny worth avoiding here, there’s also the dyes, especially that funny tasting one on those marshmallow chicks. Another consideration allergies. You might as well through food sensitivities in there too. Continue reading

There May Be A Little Less OJ In Your Future

If you were hoping for less OJ Simpson than no such luck. What you may get less of is the OJ you probably liked. Due to wacky weather and orange crop failure Tropicana is going to shrink their most popular size of orange juice by five ounces. Find out why that might be good for the environment by visiting the good folks at greenerdesign.com.

Less packaging alone would good for the environment but Tropicana juice is actually really sweet. Personally I think you could do better for juice or even dilute it with water…or vodka- no judgments here. Continue reading

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