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An Innovative Wind Turbine For Small Scale Use

South Point Wind Farm
Photo Credit: wind turbine of the Kama’oa Wind Farm in Ka Lae (a.k.a. South Point), Big Island of Hawaii by Harvey McDaniel

Today, we see more and more individuals installing solar panels on their roofs as an attempt to live in a more sustainable way. While this practice is increasing, there has not been much talk of individuals utilizing wind turbines in their homes. Continue reading

Happy Birthday NASA Even Though You’re Good For Nothing

The kids are fond of saying, “What’s really good?” and in a way it’s a kind of non question like saying, “Seriously?”, but when it comes to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) I’ve asked myself many times what’s really good with those folks, their budget and their mission. Continue reading

Where Can You Get Green Jobs?

Photo Credit: Getty A windfarm is seen near Palm Springs, California.

Solar and wind energy are two segments of the renewable energy industry that are growing with great speed and breadth…

Even industries that are thought of as belonging to the business and financial sector, and out of the green job market have been making strides in green jobs. ~gogreenstreet.com

It’s hard enough to get a regular job these days it seems, let alone a green one, but there are some out there. Continue reading