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VIDEO: Santigold- “Disparate Youth”

MasterOfMyMakeBelieve santigold

New video from Santigold for “Disparate Youth” and it’s the first Santi’s ever co-directed & produced. The new album Master of My Make-Believe will be in stores & online May 1st. Judging by the album artwork above it should be dope! She looks powerful playing every position. It’s a way better usage of the decadent imperial imagery than Kanye used. Video below Continue reading

Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It- As Long As It’s Not The Census

A low response rate could have very serious consequences for our city, for each person who is not counted in the census, the city loses about $3,000 in federal aid every year, money that could be spent on services our communities all want and need. ~NYC mayor Mayor Bloomberg

Less than 50% of Brooklyn has filled out their census forms and that means the census will be knocking on their doors in May. Seems like the first thought for people has been “it’s gotta be those damn immigrants.” To be fair the surrounding boroughs didn’t fair that much better, only clocking in at Continue reading