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REVIEW: Common – ‘The Dreamer/The Believer’

I almost took a pass on this album. The frankly underwhelming “dreams” of “Ghetto Dreams” and the rant at the end of “Sweet” left a sour taste in my mouth. Although the beats had my head nodding, I just couldn’t get with the superficial and banal lyrical display on “Ghetto Dreams”. Common raps “I want a bitch that cook good and look good” while Nas raps “call me a pro in the pussy category.” This was the best two of Rap’s greatest wordsmiths could come up with for their dreams? Bah. Continue reading

REVIEW: Manhattan- “Road To FADER”


Manhattan’s latest project Road To FADER takes on “covers” as a theme and that alone makes this an unusual rap project. It’s not that he’s covering songs in a traditional music sense, but on his road to the cover of popular music and lifestyle magazine the FADER, he “covers” already existing instrumentals by various producers who are all credited. Continue reading

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