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VIDEO: Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm: Earthalujah Explained!

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“A strange faith is brewing for these apocalyptic times. Post-fundamentalist and happy-crazy with a 35 voice choir and worshippers throughout the world — “The Church of Earthalujah!” began in New York City in 2009.

We have cast the Global Warming Devils from the cash machines of JP Morgan Chase and UBS — the Swiss bank that invests in the Koch brothers and climate change skepticism. In our church we believe that the natural disasters are messages from a living thing and we’re teaching each other to listen and pray. Earthalujah!”

Watch the video below and you’ll understand!

VIDEO: Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm: You’re Either With The Tornado Or Against The Tornado

reverend billy with tornado

In episode 5 of Reverend Billy’s Freak Storm, Rev. explains that we cannot make the Earth an enemy because we are the Earth!

Maybe we all consciously think we wouldn’t make an enemy of the Earth but many of us do with our actions. It’s a war that’s being sold to us like so many others. And yet, a war with Earth is a war with ourselves…and it’s not a war we can can really win.

VIDEO: Reverend Billy On September 11th, Grief And Humidity Controlled Peace

humidity controlled peace reverend billy

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Reverend asks “What happened to peace?”

As a person who was in Manhattan when the planes struck the World Trade Center and a person who had a missing family member in that area at the time I feel like the September 11th spectacles and the orgy of retrospectives is something to avoid at all costs. It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s disconnected from what actually happened, how people really felt. It’s a political celebration and an on que outpouring of emotion that cheapens us all. Far from healing since it’s so far from the truth or that moment.

I saw this video though of Reverend Billy (whom we introduced to you here if you don’t know him) and finally I saw something 9/11 related that made sense to me. Here the good Reverend talks about one of the things we forget was talking place at the time- a genuine human desire for peace, a peace movement.

If you’re in town you can join him this Sunday on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. “Bring flowers & candles and let’s pause together remember when there was still hope for Peace in the time after the towers crashed down.” More info: revbilly.com

Reverend Billy’s Church Of Earthalujah & The Great Wikileaks Easter Egg Hunt

Photo Credit: “Rev recovers from a near-shopping convulsion” by Michael Hart

If you’ve never heard of him let me introduce you to Reverend Billy. He oversees a flock called The Church of Stop Shopping and he preaches anti-consumerism. Recognizing the importance of environmentalism, Reverend Billy, who is an actor turned activist not a real reverend, has taken up another cause. He went from Hallelujah, to Change-alujah, to, now, Earthalujah! Continue reading