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WATCH: What Is The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Great Pacific Garbage Patch plastic ocean pollution.jpg

In The Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Ben Segall you’ll learn there’s a patch of garbage that’s not twice the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean right now. You should know what you throw in the ocean comes right back to you so this is a serious problem. You’ll also learn this is a global problem why that means its solution will require action on a global scale. Please do reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse plastic because all the plastic ever made is still around, but much more will need to be done than just that. Seriously. Watch below. Continue reading

Buy Nothing New This Christmas

buy nothing new

On a site that focuses on environmentalism I’m not going to encourage you to be a baller this holiday season. Over-consumption is a major problem in our society, as we learned in “Story Of Stuff” and in the end it doesn’t make people love you more anyway. I will tell you if you buy something this holiday season you should do it as eco-consciously as possible. Or you can just buy nothing!

A few things to remember or try: Continue reading

VIDEO: Chris Jordan’s Film About An Island Where The Birds Have Bellies Full Of Plastic

Chris Jordan midway

Artist Chris Jordan, whose work we’ve shown in 5 Things You Need To Know About Plastic Bottles Or You’ll Die Twice has a well shot new film in production called Midway. Midway is an island in the North Pacific that was the site of a battle widely regarded as the most important naval battle of the Pacific Campaign of World War II. As its name suggests the island lies nearly halfway between North America and Asia. It’s also a place polluted with enough plastic to fill the bellies of the local birds. Continue reading

Why Bottled Water Shouldn’t Be Popular With Minorities

obama bottled water

According to a recent study in the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine minority parents consume bottled water more often than white Americans and this has become a topic of discussion now. I wondered about these claims when I saw the post Why Minorities Love Bottled Water on theroot.com. Do minorities love bottled water? Who are we considering minorities? Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Are We Living On A Plastic Planet?

truth about plastic infographic

The more I learn about the environment the more I see plastic as a reoccurring issue. Many of us are addicted to plastic and have never known life without it. It’s been said that if you ever want to really clean your house get rid of everything that’s plastic. How empty would your house would be?

Here’s some shocking facts in my favorite form- an infographic. When you’re done with this one below check out our other infographics. Continue reading