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When A Trip To The Bronx Zoo Takes An Unusual Turn

bronx zoo entrance sign
Years ago my older sister Natalie thought it would be a good idea to take a young relative to The Bronx Zoo. It’s the largest metropolitan zoo in the U.S. and among the largest in the world. We met up with our cousin’s then-fiancee, Kim, and took a very long bus ride from the edge of Queens, NY all the way up to The Bronx.
We had snacks and games but the little boy, who may be on the autism spectrum, got irritable on the long bus ride. When we finally arrived at the zoo of all zoos as promised we thought he would calm down. And he did. He was so calm he was bored.

Why Aren’t We Eating Chicken For Breakfast?

Photo Credit: Hardees Chicken Fillet Breakfast

One of my readers sent me an email with a link to a post called “Why Don’t We Eat Chicken for Breakfast?” You may not want KFC’s Double Down Sandwich for breakfast but I thought it was a good question. So why don’t we eat chicken for breakfast?

The post didn’t answer the question, although there is a nifty infographic there, so I will attempt to. Continue reading