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Soul Food Junkies Documentary To Air On PBS

soul food junkies documentary preview byron hurt independent lens pbs

Maybe you’ve never gone to a film festival or none are in your town. Maybe you’ve never heard of filmmaker Byron Hurt and his work including Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes. Either way you’re in for a treat. Hurt focuses his lens on African American cuisine and its affects in the lives and health of the black community. Best of all it will be airing on PBS‘s Independent Lens, which showcases independent film. Since we’re talking about diets you should consider detoxing from big budget Hollywood affairs with some indies. Enjoy the preview below and check your local listings for when it airs here. Continue reading

Of Lions And Lemurs: A Farewell To My Own Father On Father’s Day

father lion and cub

Recently, I watched the wildlife show, Nature, on PBS with my father in silence. The theme of the episode happened to be parents in the animal kingdom. We watched a lion pride make a living room out of the Serengeti grasslands. The father lion was the biggest and the head of the pride. His playful cubs sparred under his watchful eye. He was beautiful, strong, majestic, proud, patient, and protective. I always thought of my father that way. I didn’t say that though.

It was getting dark outside and most of the light in the room came from his TV. My Dad sat back in his recliner. The blanket I bought him was draped around his now very slender shoulders. Continue reading

VIDEO: PBS “Food Forward Series” Celebrates Unsung Food Heroes

food forward trailer

Description: “Food Forward goes beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions, and recipes to reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food heroes across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.”

Learn more about “Food Forward” at PBS

VIDEO: Dr Mark Hyman- “The Blood Sugar Solution”

Bestselling author Dr. Mark Hyman had a special on PBS last night called “The Blood Sugar Solution” discussing the diabetes and obesity epidemic in this country. He points to what I’ve been pointing to for a long time now, diet is so important. A good diet could lower your medical bills and expenses and while exercise is important, diet is a bigger issue than lack of exercise. It’s a better way to address the root causes of chronic illness.

Israeli iPads Are A Go, But Are They Green?

Photo Credit: AP photo

Israel had begun letting Apple’s iPads into the country starting Sunday. For 2 weeks their customs wasn’t allowing them into the country based on fears the iPad would interfere with other wireless devices.

20 confiscated iPads will finally be released. Most of us will be waiting a lot longer for our iPads than those getting their confiscated iPads back. After weeks of intentional infliction of iPad envy on others by people like the extra infatuated PBS host Charlie Rose many hoped iPad news would die down…and maybe hoped the prices would drop.

Now that Charlie Rose and his iPad have finally gotten a room Continue reading

All Eyes On Barack Obama’s Plate And His Beer

beer summit cheers
Photo Credit: “Beer Summit” Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, President Barack Obama, right, have a beer with Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr.,left, and Cambridge, Mass. , police Sgt. James Crowley in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington Thursday, July 30, 2009.

This is such a bizarre turn of events to me. We go from a Black man getting arrested to clockwise from left Buckler, Sam Adams Light, Blue Moon, Bud Light at the White House. Henry Louis Gates Jr. has some ideas about young African Americans that I don’t like so I wasn’t a fan of his anyway. Continue reading

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