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The Graffiti Taxonomy Project Exhibit Puts Graffiti Writing Under The Microscope

Graffiti Taxonomy Print – ‘E’: Lower East Side, NYC by Evan Roth

Evan Roth (aka fi5e) is an artist who is obviously pretty brainy and likes graffiti…maybe that’s an understatement. At Parsons School The New School for Design Roth developed a project called Graffiti Taxonomy and thesis project called Graffiti Analysis. In Roth’s Graffiti Taxonomy project he “presents isolated letters from various graffiti tags, reproduced in similar scales and at close proximity. The intent of these studies is to show the diversity of styles as expressed in a single character.”


Over 4 days in April Roth photographed 2,400 graffiti tags in Paris’s 20 districts. 18 tags were used to express the diversity in character of the letters A,E,I,K,N,O,R,S,T and U “ranging from upper case to lowercase, simple to complex and legible to cryptic”. ~woostercollective.com

Graffiti Taxonomy: Paris, 2009 from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

This summer Roth’s project will be on display at Fondation Cartier’s Born In The Streets – Graffiti exhibition in Paris which will be up until November 29, 2009.

Anything that shows the creativity and intelligence behind graffiti and anything related to Hip Hop is aces with me. A cosign from the Wooster Collective doesn’t hurt either.

Buy his prints at factory.ni9e.com


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“The main [Fondation Cartier] gallery space and garden have been filled with pieces and other graffiti-inspired works by artists including SEEN, JONONE, Barry McGee, Evan Roth, QUICK, and PHASE2.” ~animalnewyork.com

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New York City’s Mayor Gets Creative With Homeless People

Photo Credit: DREAMSCAPE by SkyShaper. An incredible artist…

I had a co worker once that ran away to New York City the day after his graduation in pursuit of a career in fashion and a lifestyle out of the closet. Fortunately for him he was very talented and driven. Many who come to the Big Apple don’t make it. Still others have fallen on hard times financially. Either way there is a significant homeless population in New York City and our current mayor Michael Bloomberg has sworn to eradicate the problem. Continue reading