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Why Keep Those Yellow Pages Phone Books? Go Paperless

yellow pages opt out

Remember those yellow pages phone books sitting on top of your refrigerator, accumulating dust? You never pick them up anymore, you just search for what you’re looking for online don’t you? Well, National Yellow Pages Consumer Choice & Opt-Out Site allows you to stop those yellow pages from showing up on your front step, thus curbing your paper use, saving trees, and helping out our environment.  Simply type in your zip code, register on their site, and choose which yellow page directories you really need.

Also, don’t forget to recycle those outdated yellow pages!  If your community has curb side pick up, you can probably put them out there, but be sure to check first.  If your area doesn’t offer curb side pick up, visit your county’s solid waste department’s website to find a recycling center near by.

Check out how you can opt-out at yellowpagesoptout.com

Printing Solar Cells On Paper From DOOM’s “Papermill”

Above: An organic photovoltaic device deposited on printer paper (~120 µm thick) that was pre-coated with 100 nm thick oCVD PEDOT electrodes. After multiple foldings the device maintains its initial performance.

MIT scientists created a printing technology that prints solar cells on paper. The inkjet-style printing is still in its embryonic stage and at this point these cells are under 2% efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, but think of the possibilities.

The scientists say the process is low-cost, low-temperature, low-energy-consumption and could pave the way for solar panels so lightweight they could be installed with a staple gun or could be integrated with other materials to boost energy efficiency.

Can you imagine recycling paper then putting solar cells so thin they could be printed on it? Continue reading

Top 5 Things I Learned Reading The Source’s Green Issue

As I wrote before The Source magazine (“The bible of Hip Hop music, culture and politics”) has put out a “green” issue that’s on stands now. I set out to find out what was so green about it. That involved me getting my hands dirty and actually buying the magazine.

That’s right I bought it and I think this was the first time in my life I ever did that. People always gave me their Source’s for free which was unintentionally eco conscious I guess. This green issue was of particular interest for me so here’s what I learned. Continue reading