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Greenpeace Says Barbie Destroys Rainforests

greenpeace barbie ken mattle rainforests

Greenpeace is accusing Barbie of destroying rainforests in Indonesia “including areas that are home to some of the last tiger, orangutans and elephants, just so she can wrap herself in pretty packaging.” Mattel, the manufacturer of Barbie, has been using paper packaging for the world’s most famous toy from Indonesia’s most notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP).

So habitats full of animals and trees are being destroyed for cheap packaging that you’re going to throw away anyway? Does that make sense to you?

Watch the video below where they break the news of Barbie’s misdeeds to Ken.

Take Action: Tell Mattel to stop destroying rainforests for toy packaging.


There May Be A Little Less OJ In Your Future

If you were hoping for less OJ Simpson than no such luck. What you may get less of is the OJ you probably liked. Due to wacky weather and orange crop failure Tropicana is going to shrink their most popular size of orange juice by five ounces. Find out why that might be good for the environment by visiting the good folks at greenerdesign.com.

Less packaging alone would good for the environment but Tropicana juice is actually really sweet. Personally I think you could do better for juice or even dilute it with water…or vodka- no judgments here. Continue reading

DHL Recycles Packaging Into Fashion

This takes recycling to a new level. This collection was created to emphasize DHL’s competence in the fashion industry.

These garments are made of packaging materials.

For those who don’t know there is a lot of shipping involved in the fashion industry and reliability is vital cause they’re curing cancer…

DHL’s motto is “DHL, the perfect fit for the fashion world”.

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The dresses were displayed at DHL’s stand at fashion week and worn by actual hostesses.

This collection was a collaboration with designer with German designer Michael Michalsky.

I’ve always been more of a FedEx or UPS girl, but I may have to rethink that.

Src: animalnewyork.com



Known for being brown on the outside shipping company UPS has gone green on the inside. UPS ranked #1 on Climate Counts’ scorecard in the consumer shipping sector.

Climate Counts is a nonprofit organization that ranks corporations on their efforts towards reducing climate impact, corporate support of public policy initiatives on climate change and openness and transparency in reporting.

UPS ranked higher than DHL, FedEx and sadly the U.S. Postal Service. While the U.S. Postal Service does a pretty incredible job considering what they have to do it would be a great step to get them to be #1. It could even save taxpayer money.

According to Bob Stoffel, UPS senior vice president of supply chain, strategy, engineering and sustainability:

“‘…In 2009 we introduced several new green packaging and shipping services including the UPS carbon neutral program, the first such option available to offset the climate impact of shipping within the United States.'”

UPS has also recently been honored by Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index’s “Top 50 Global Companies,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Excellence Award, and Newsweek’s Greenest Companies in America.

Companies that invest in going green see the rewards for it on their balance sheets. More consumers are starting to like to feel good about spending their money with a company that takes initiative on issues like the environment.

It also can give employees something to feel good about too, which can boost productivity. So going green makes good financial sense for corporations too.

Src: finchannel.com
Learn more about UPS’ green initiatives at sustainability.ups.com