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Palm Oil = Deforestation + Child Slavery + Pollution

Over half of the products we use every day contain palm oil or palm kernel oil. From soap to ice cream, the oil is near omnipresent and its production causes deforestation, child labor, and Godzilla sized carbon foot print. These traditional West African oils now come primary from Indonesia and Malaysia. “The recipe for palm oil expansion is cheap land, cheap labor, and a corrupt government and unfortunately Indonesia fits the bill” says Ashely Schaeffer of Rainforest Action Network. Continue reading

Tar Sands Action Places A Newspaper Ad President Obama Can’t Miss

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“What do you bet he hears us now?” -Tar Sands Action

No, Tar Sands Action isn’t hiring…or maybe they are, but the ad they placed this week in the Washington Post and New York Times wasn’t exactly for help wanted from just anybody. It was for help wanted from President Obama himself.

The group formed by writer/activist Bill McKibben was created to sustain civil disobedience to stop the expansion of the Canadian tarsands and Keystone XL Pipeline. Tuesday October 23rd they launched a national ad campaign calling on the President to “stop this crime in progress.” The ads also appeared online at washingtonpost.com, cnn.com, foxnews.com, politico.com and foreignpolicy.com.

Check out our post VIDEO: Tar Sands Action, The Largest Environmental Civil Disobedience In A Generation to find out why this project must be stopped and why hundreds have been inspired to get arrested to stop it.

Do you think this ad will have any effect on President Obama’s decision?


INFOGRAPHIC: What is Peak Oil, Who Uses the Most And What Happens Next

peak oil crop

Here’s an infographic via carsort.com about peak oil. You’ve heard of it and if you don’t know what it is here’s some info laid out for you about it. I think treehugger.com’s notes about it are important so here they are below although I don’t think we have anything else to compare peak oil to. Continue reading

VIDEO: Tar Sands Action, The Largest Environmental Civil Disobedience In A Generation

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

As I watched the above video, I couldn’t help but wish I was in Washington D.C. next to the masses of people protesting the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Throughout the past few weeks, citizens from around the country have been engaged in civil disobedience at the White House, of which I deeply applaud. To date 843 protestors have been arrested, including NASA climatologist Dr. James Hansen and Environmental Author/Activist, and organizer of the event, Bill McKibben. Continue reading