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Are You Ready To Make A Difference In The World?

make difference world change john francis quote

Maybe I can’t tell you when you’re ready to make a difference in this world, and hell, maybe you’ll never truly be “ready”, but as the quote from activist Dr. John Francis above says, this is how you’ll know when “you’re looking at an opportunity” to make a difference.

And he should know. When Dr. Francis was a young African-American man he witnessed Continue reading

Is The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Dead Or Alive?

Keystone XL tar sands action protest

Nearly two weeks ago, the Obama administration denied a permit to TransCanada for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run from tar sands in Canada to refineries in Texas. The outcome could not have been better for the environmental community, as Bill McKibben- mastermind behind the long string of protests in Washington- praised Obama for his decision. Everything seemed to be going well, until the Senate GOP gave it another crack. Continue reading

VIDEO: Largest Oil Spill In A Decade Threatens Nigeria’s Coastline

“The pollution is there, the problem is there, so we cannot go to the river. And being as we’re based on fishing, there is not any other way we can live with our family. Please and please, in order for peace to reign, let the federal government look into this problem immediately.” –Jacob Uka, community chairman

In late December oil giant Shell had a major oil spill in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. While Shell claims less than 40,000 barrels have leaked so far, some environmentalists say “as much as 550 million gallons of oil poured into the delta during Shell’s roughly 50 years of production in Nigeria — a rate roughly comparable to one Exxon Valdez disaster per year. An estimated 11 million gallons was released during the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.” -news.yahoo.com

So there’s a history of extensive environmental damage in the Niger Delta and this latest spill is the worst in a decade, but this has not happened with out protest form the people. Continue reading

Keystone XL Pipeline Is Planned On Top Of Oklahoma’s Recent Earthquake Sites


The dreaded proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Canada through through most of the United States would be right on top of the latest Oklahoma earthquakes! Recently, Oklahoma experienced 50 small earthquakes that are linked to fracking nearby according to a recent The United States Geological Survey report.

Well, no issue exists in a bubble so why would Keystone XL be different? This is like terrible idea on top of terrible idea on top of terrible idea. There are so many great reasons to oppose both hydro-fracking and Keystone XL and potential fallout (read: oil spills) from the intersection of the two is more than enough for me to oppose both with every fiber of my being.

Src: grist.org

Palm Oil = Deforestation + Child Slavery + Pollution

Over half of the products we use every day contain palm oil or palm kernel oil. From soap to ice cream, the oil is near omnipresent and its production causes deforestation, child labor, and Godzilla sized carbon foot print. These traditional West African oils now come primary from Indonesia and Malaysia. “The recipe for palm oil expansion is cheap land, cheap labor, and a corrupt government and unfortunately Indonesia fits the bill” says Ashely Schaeffer of Rainforest Action Network. Continue reading

Tar Sands Action Places A Newspaper Ad President Obama Can’t Miss

CRIME_FullPage tar sands action obama.jpg
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“What do you bet he hears us now?” -Tar Sands Action

No, Tar Sands Action isn’t hiring…or maybe they are, but the ad they placed this week in the Washington Post and New York Times wasn’t exactly for help wanted from just anybody. It was for help wanted from President Obama himself.

The group formed by writer/activist Bill McKibben was created to sustain civil disobedience to stop the expansion of the Canadian tarsands and Keystone XL Pipeline. Tuesday October 23rd they launched a national ad campaign calling on the President to “stop this crime in progress.” The ads also appeared online at washingtonpost.com, cnn.com, foxnews.com, politico.com and foreignpolicy.com.

Check out our post VIDEO: Tar Sands Action, The Largest Environmental Civil Disobedience In A Generation to find out why this project must be stopped and why hundreds have been inspired to get arrested to stop it.

Do you think this ad will have any effect on President Obama’s decision?


INFOGRAPHIC: What is Peak Oil, Who Uses the Most And What Happens Next

peak oil crop

Here’s an infographic via carsort.com about peak oil. You’ve heard of it and if you don’t know what it is here’s some info laid out for you about it. I think treehugger.com’s notes about it are important so here they are below although I don’t think we have anything else to compare peak oil to. Continue reading

Venezuelan Oil Spills Threaten Blue Crabs

blue crab threatened
Photo Credit: “Blue Crab On Market” by wpopp

Blue Crab, a delicacy in the US might be threatened on multiple ends. The crustacean which originates in Venezuela has fallen victim to a recent oil leaks in Lake Maracaibo. Continue reading

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