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VIDEO: Largest Oil Spill In A Decade Threatens Nigeria’s Coastline

“The pollution is there, the problem is there, so we cannot go to the river. And being as we’re based on fishing, there is not any other way we can live with our family. Please and please, in order for peace to reign, let the federal government look into this problem immediately.” –Jacob Uka, community chairman

In late December oil giant Shell had a major oil spill in Nigeria’s Niger Delta. While Shell claims less than 40,000 barrels have leaked so far, some environmentalists say “as much as 550 million gallons of oil poured into the delta during Shell’s roughly 50 years of production in Nigeria — a rate roughly comparable to one Exxon Valdez disaster per year. An estimated 11 million gallons was released during the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.” –news.yahoo.com

So there’s a history of extensive environmental damage in the Niger Delta and this latest spill is the worst in a decade, but this has not happened with out protest form the people. Continue reading