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Pharoahe Monch On How Asthma Affected His Rap Delivery And Asthma Facts


“The asthma forced me to really go against the issue and push the envelope in terms of breath control and doing runs that I wouldn’t probably try if I didn’t have asthma. If I didn’t have asthma, I’d probably rhyme like the Hip Hop rock-the-spot [style]. But the fact that that shit is an element that I was fighting against, I was like, ‘Fuck that, let me make that battle, lyrically [speaking].’” -Pharoahe Monch

Since recently releasing his latest album W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), Queens rapper Pharoahe Monch spoke about his battles with asthma recently, making the gas mask on his album cover somewhat ironic. Other rappers suffer or have suffered without the condition like Tyler, the Creator and the Notorious B.I.G.. So what exactly is asthma? Continue reading

Absolute Brooklyn: Spike Lee’s Limited Edition Vodka Bottle

Acclaimed Black filmmaker/director Spike Lee has teamed up with Absolute vodka to design their latest limited edition bottle. The bottle depicts a Brooklyn brownstone with the number from Lee’s childhood home in Cobble Hill along with his name.

The vodka is apple and ginger flavored. That and the fancy packaging will cost you about Continue reading

What Does A Homeless Good Samaritan Stabbed To Death Have To Do With Polar Bears?

Is anybody human anymore? What’s wrong with humanity?” ~Raechelle Groce, area resident asked for comment, 1010 Wins

Guatemalan immigrant Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was a homeless good Samaritan who was stabbed to death while coming to the aid of a young woman being attacked on the streets of New York City. He was stabbed several times in the chest then bled to death while dozens of persons walked past him for over an hour.

Someone took a cell phone picture of the dying man while another shook him vigorously at another point. Footage of all this captured on surveillance video which you can watch below. He was 31 years old. Continue reading

Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It- As Long As It’s Not The Census

A low response rate could have very serious consequences for our city, for each person who is not counted in the census, the city loses about $3,000 in federal aid every year, money that could be spent on services our communities all want and need. ~NYC mayor Mayor Bloomberg

Less than 50% of Brooklyn has filled out their census forms and that means the census will be knocking on their doors in May. Seems like the first thought for people has been “it’s gotta be those damn immigrants.” To be fair the surrounding boroughs didn’t fair that much better, only clocking in at Continue reading

Census Numbers For Black Folks Still Inaccurate

I recently filled out my census, albeit late, but I saw something that upset me on the census form. No, it wasn’t the word Negro, that’s the least of my problems here. My issue is in the very first part of the questionnaire where it clearly states “Do not count anyone in a nursing home, jail, prison, detention facility, etc., on April 1, 2010.”

The census form then states these persons may be counted twice so they should be left off your form. My issue here is that persons in prisons are counted as residents where they are incarcerated so they’re not counted where they’re from. Continue reading

Blackouts, Candlefire and Alcohol Don’t Mix For Earth Hour 2010

Photo Credit: Earth Hour Global Photostream; Here in Sydney, Australia, at the Earth Hour Global office, we couldn't stop working for Earth Hour, but naturally we still participated.

Some doubt the importance of being so fresh and so green and though it is very trendy now those who are serious about it are taking steps to show the rest the importance of eco awareness. In order to highlight the threat of climate change major landmarks worldwide cut off the lights. Earth Hour 2010 will take place on March 27, 2010 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., local time.

Look out if you’re drinking tonight because blackouts, alcohol and candle fire don’t mix. Continue reading

99¢ Pizza Is The Truth

New York City pizza is a thing of beauty. I’ve know many who have gone on diets and lost weight successfully but still won’t give up their NYC pizza. nytimes.com recently did a story on the 99¢ pizza.

I think they’re kind of late on this one. I am a connoisseur of all fine things including pizza. I can tell you 99¢ pizza is the truth and has been for some time now. Continue reading

NY Park Art Installation Alarming New Yorkers

Sure it looks like that naked guy is about to jump off the top of that building in Manhattan but no worries. He’s not some crazy New Yorker with tons of issues (shout out to DMX, nobody lights up TMZ like him). Instead, this guy is art.

Confusing and alarming I know, but Continue reading

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