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Keystone XL Pipeline Is Planned On Top Of Oklahoma’s Recent Earthquake Sites


The dreaded proposed Keystone XL pipeline from Canada through through most of the United States would be right on top of the latest Oklahoma earthquakes! Recently, Oklahoma experienced 50 small earthquakes that are linked to fracking nearby according to a recent The United States Geological Survey report.

Well, no issue exists in a bubble so why would Keystone XL be different? This is like terrible idea on top of terrible idea on top of terrible idea. There are so many great reasons to oppose both hydro-fracking and Keystone XL and potential fallout (read: oil spills) from the intersection of the two is more than enough for me to oppose both with every fiber of my being.

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Fracking May Be Linked To 50 Earthquakes In Oklahoma

earthquake liquefaction

The United States Geological Survey has released a report that links a series of earthquakes last January in Oklahoma to hydraulic fracturing, a destructive process of extracting natural gas through rock formations. Fifty small earthquakes registered there ranging from 1.0 to 2.8 in magnitude there, with most occurring within 2.1 miles of Eola Field, a southern Gavin County fracking operation.

The report is still under peer-review but it seems logical that franking would have an effect on seismic activity. I think earthquakes register to people as being something far out of the control of humans so hopefully this will be enough of a red flag to people about fracking.

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Photo Credit: “Chuetsu earthquake 2004. Ojiya, Niigata, Japan. Soil liquefaction took place on this road.” by Tubbi

Massive Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal Sparks Protest In Puerto Rico And New York

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Yesterday was the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City and it’s cool to celebrate Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans in Hip Hop too, but how many of us actually know hat’s going on in Puerto Rico right now?

President Barack Obama is due to visit Puerto Rico next week in what will be the first official U.S. presidential visit to the territory in 50 years. The trip is said to be an effort to garner support among the Puerto Rican community in Florida. His trip comes at a time where there is controversy 92-mile natural gas pipeline that would cut across much of the island. The governor of Puerto Rico insists the project is safe but the pipeline has been dubbed Vía de la Muerte (Death Route) by critics who say it will expose people living near it to deadly explosions and cause irreversible damage to the island’s environmental and cultural resources. There have been protests in Puerto Rico and New York over the proposal.

Democracy Now! spoke with Dr. Arturo Massol, a biology professor and director of the Scientific and Technical Commission of Casa Pueblo, a community-based organization in Puerto Rico that is leading opposition against the pipeline project about it.