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Earth Day Around The Net

I thought I might take some time out to throw out some link love and highlight some Earth Day eco-conscious stuff around the net for you.

The lovely Quiskaeya takes a look at The Effects of Poverty on the Environment

At a loss for what to do on Earth Day? Earth 911 gives you 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 5 Minutes

At Black Into Green in Gloria a green avid gardener, lover of the great outdoors, mother and blogger who writes about going green form the African American perspective. This is what she has planned this earth day Earth Day Again, Already?. What I enjoyed reading even more today was Gloria’s 2010 Green Goals. What’s cool about her post today is that you can see she’s so active and likely on track with her 2010 goals. Go Gloria!

Treehugger offers a cornucopia of Earth day treats. Here’s a few: Continue reading

Earth Day: The Point Of It All

I like to think it’s Earth Day Every Day on this site and while I realize treehugger.com will probably have some great stuff today for you as usual, I’ve decided to give you something you can’t get there- what I’ve learned about Earth Day.

As I’ve written before I grew up with a love of nature and science but I’ve considered that as a Black person interested in the environment I may have gotten into this in a different way than The Great Majora Carter and The Great Van Jones. As a teen I was able to take my love of nature into the classroom. In high school I was desperate to avoid chemistry class. It seemed hard and uninteresting. I managed to get Environmental Science class which I took for a year.

Finally, my chance to study this and get credit for it. My first class didn’t disappoint. My teacher was a young, cool white dude with cool, young white dude hair- I know you know what that is. He came in with Continue reading

Disney’s Oceans Opens On Earth Day

I’ve always preferred the underwater nature specials most of all so I’ll bet this one will be enjoyable.

From disney.go.com: Disneynature OCEANS is an inspiring adventure into a liquid world few of us have ever seen before. Yet the oceans cover more than 70 percent of our planet.

Here’s the trailer Continue reading

Nia Long Would Rather Go Naked For PETA Than Wear Fur


Nia Long did an ad and a video for animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She also did a photo ad to help put the T&A in PETA. It’s nice to see the Love Jones actress around again, but naked Nia or naked any chick isn’t going to make me stop anything. Difficult to even remember what the ad is for…or against. Continue reading

Forget Saving The Planet, Save Yourself


In a conversation with my dad, we’ll call him Mr. Toussaint, he told me global warming would be a problem the Earth would fix itself. “The Earth didn’t start these problems,” I replied. “These problems are man-made or human-made and therefore should be human solved.” He respectfully disagreed and I, maybe disrespectfully, disregarded his position as being that of a man of a certain age.

More recently I heard a speech from Continue reading

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