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VIDEO: Mars Warned Earth About Being Too Nice To Humans

Earth: Human is getting on my nerves

Mars: Warned You

Mars: Sooner or later you’re going to get into trouble for being so hospitable.

In this video Earth is on a Facebook like website called “Earthbook” and at the point were humans really start to get on her nerves she has to decide whether or not she will “unfriend” humans. It’s cute, hilarious, and sad, but most importantly it allows the viewer to see the Earth/human dynamic a bit differently. A shift in the viewpoint of this vital relationship is crucial.

Description: “What would Planet Earth post about humans on its profile? The Earth fast forwards through a virtual relationship with humans — but soon starts to ask itself whether it wants to be friends with a species that exploits its national resources.
The conclusion is reassuring: yes, it does, because humans are making every effort to preserve the planet. Science and research are an important part of these efforts.”

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VIDEO: Earth: She’s Alive, Beautiful, Finite, Hurting…Worth Dying For

earth large nasa lg

I wasn’t going to write anything for Earth Day today, especially since I already wrote about he point of it all and because I take issue with the holiday. I could do without the pseudo-awareness being peddled out there here but I felt moved to write this when I came across this video. A nice way celebrate Earth Day is by actually remembering the planet we live on as opposed to clutching your reusable shopping bag or going to an oxymoronic Earth Day sale. Before descending into something schmaltzy this video offers of a reminder of how high the stakes are and how much of a threat environmentalism is to business as usual.

The photo above is via NASA, which is good for something after all and it couldn’t be big enough but click on it anyway, remember how grand this planet is, and how tiny we are.

VIDEO: Reverend Billy’s Freakstorm: You’re Either With The Tornado Or Against The Tornado

reverend billy with tornado

In episode 5 of Reverend Billy’s Freak Storm, Rev. explains that we cannot make the Earth an enemy because we are the Earth!

Maybe we all consciously think we wouldn’t make an enemy of the Earth but many of us do with our actions. It’s a war that’s being sold to us like so many others. And yet, a war with Earth is a war with ourselves…and it’s not a war we can can really win.

Bolivia To Pass Law Giving Mother Earth Equal Rights To Humans

mother earth pregnant woman

Capitalistic economic thought tells us to place a price tag on commodities, giving them an exchange value. Their worth comes from how much money an individual can receive from it. However, when an exchange value is placed on nature’s resources, it is then viewed as any other commodity, and is subject to the same thought-process as a car, for example. By doing this, nature looses it’s intrinsic value- its true worth, its aesthetic beauty, its miraculous wonders- and instead is only viewed with a price tag. There are no ethics in this type of thinking, but rather thoughts that lead to exploitation.

However, Bolivia seems to be undoing this common practice. Continue reading