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5 Ways to Save Gas Money and Drive Greener

Green driving keys

With gas prices above $3.50 per gallon, it’s important to know ways that not only save gas money, but save our natural environment as well. According to a study conducted at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, 15% of man-made carbon dioxide, a major driver in climate change, is from transportation. Specifically, road transportation contributes the most greenhouse gases within the transportation industry. Therefore, there is a large opportunity for individuals to not only save money, but to curb their carbon footprint and become better stewards of the natural environment by driving greener.

Don’t Drive!

It may seem obvious, but the best way to save gas money and drive greener is to not drive at all. Instead, ride your bike and enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood while getting some exercise.


Instead of driving to work or school by yourself, find a group of people with whom you can drive with. By doing this, each person doesn’t have to worry about spending gas money driving to work or school each day. Furthermore, everyone in your group is reducing their carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of cars on the road. Also, many places offer carpooling lanes which tend to run faster and save time.

Combine Errands Into One Trip

While many people go out right when they think of something, save those trips for when you can get multiple tasks done at the same time. When you park your car at the first destination, keep it there and walk to your next locations.

Slow Down

Although it may be fun to drive like a manic, just chill out a bit. By driving 55 mph instead of 65 mph, you can improve your gas milage by 15%. Also, accelerate gradually and use your brakes less by anticipating when you have to stop.

Keep Tires Inflated

By keeping your tires filled to the maximum recommended amount you can increase you gas milage. Not only are you risking a flat by driving on deflated tires, but you’re wasting money, gas, and negatively effecting the natural environment. Keep them full.

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Sexy, Older Health Center Seduces Uninsured Black Youth

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center in Kansas City Missouri has launched a campaign to get local uninsured or underinsured African-American young adults who don’t see a doctor regularly to see a doctor. Their “Urban Health Relief Plan” is aimed at getting young Black people in for check ups, follow ups and establishing a place to go to for routine health care.

Teens and 20-somethings aren’t known for caring about their health though many of us have health issues. Even if you’re young and in good health you don’t have to be Drake (pictured above) to take a hilarious yet nasty fall. The campaign utilizes Twitter, Facebook and text messaging to get the young, broke and fabulous involved and enrolled. Because they were able to get a grant from the state of Missouri not only will this program pay for transportation for those living in a 8 mile radius and there are no co-payments. Continue reading



What is the #1 cause of holiday stress? The answer is money or lack or money really. According to FranklinCovey Products’s fifth annual holiday stress survey of 1,000 U.S. adults.

Did you see that one coming? Despite the current state of the economy 61% believe they spend too much during the holidays.

Who is the most stressed during the holidays? According to a 2006 national survey conducted by Mental Health America people of color are the most stressed out during the holidays. Makes sense if the number one stressor is lack of money and 3 years ago things were considerably better for a lot of people .

That study found parents are more stressed than other groups and females are more stressed than males about finances.

Other top holiday stressors include memories of deceased loved ones, having to much to do, crowded stores and malls, physical demands and loneliness.

In general according to many studies time after time the United States is ranked as one of the most unhappy countries in the world.

Gangstarr feat. G-Dep- “The Mall”

Shopping at the mall can be really stressful. When I play this song in my ipod at the mall I feel comfortable pushing people out of my way to get where I’m going. These cats sound like they like shopping way more than I do. They even shouted out Green Acres, a lovely mall in Long Island, New York that I have no business going anywhere near this Christmas.

Thanksgiving tends to set off the holiday season and also the suicide season. This may be due to the feelings the holidays stir up with all the American unhappiness in the backdrop and the fewer hours of sunlight, which can lead to depression. Continue reading

An Interview With DJ C-Reality: He’s Not Just A DJ He’s A Hip Hop Purist Pt.2


Photo credit: “DJ C-Reality’s Looking At You” by Gigi Bio

Here in part 2 of my interview with DJ C-Reality he explains some of the inner workings of DJing, the personalities of Djs and some advice from a purist on how to get stating in his line of work. If you missed part 1 you can check it out here An Interview With DJ C-Reality: He’s Not Just A DJ He’s A Hip Hop Purist Pt.1

Kurt Cobain, late lead singer of “grunge” band Nirvana, once said “people who really love music usually make it” (paraphrase). DJ’s don’t exactly “make” music- or do they? And where do you think DJs fit into the Cobainian Theory?

DJ’s totally make music, real DJs that is. A DJ has the ability to be any sound that exists on that record, whether its an instrument, a voice, an effect, anything.The art of scratching is so complex and involved that even after 20 years of playing I am constantly learning new things. Working with groups as I have done has give me a whole different outlook on how cutting can be applied like any other instrument. Just look at some of the things Rob Swift has done,working with all kinds of musicians. Its the human jukebox DJ I spoke about earlier that gives the real guys a bad name. Just like today’s bullshit rappers give real lyricists a bad name. People on the outside of the culture are only exposed to the fake shit unfortunately, so they equate DJ’s and MC’s with what the see and hear on TV and radio.

I’m just going to ask the question flat out and elaborate later if you like: Are DJs manipulative?

I think we can manipulate hearts and minds, and really have the ability to make people feel a certain way, which is very gratifying, I know as a person Continue reading

Oh Sh*t, Times Is Hard For Cubans Running Out Of Toilet Paper


The United States’ financial crisis is having a devastating effect on so called third world countries in general, however Cuba’s economy specifically is in a serious crisis with very real ramifications. Last year Cuba experienced 3 hurricanes as well thereby depleting much of their financial resources. The Communist led government has taken extraordinary measures, lowering the prices of 24 basic goods and by the end of the year there will be “there will be an important importation of toilet paper”.

And you thought you had problems…

Biz Markie- “Toilet Stool Rap”

I have always liked that Biz was willing to go there. C’mon, admit it- it’s catchy. Biz really puts it in the pocket err… um the toilet at the end. I don’t know, maybe I’m just biased towards songs with universal themes.

To buy the single click on TSR (Toilet Stool Rap)

Src: Cash-strapped Cuba says toilet paper running short

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