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VIDEO: The Process of Minimalism

I like the idea of minimalism as being a process. In the end I think it makes minimalism easier to understand and even adopt. It’s easy to balk at a Picasso (or any minimalist art) but it’s another entirely to understand the process and respect the challenge it presents. Anyone can have a lot but do you have what it takes to only have a little? Do you know what it means for the little that you have to be only what’s most important? The priority? The essence?

VIDEO: Extreme Green: Minimalist Lives With Just 50 Things

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What I don’t like is how the video ends on such a down note. Oh he’s oppressing his children! His son desperately wants a couch? Spare me. What his son seem to really want but didn’t say was privacy. He shares a room with his father and that’s gotta be a drag. There are ways to differentiate the living space and the couch is doable. So is getting new underwear but the approach or message need not be one of deprivation. This man can live his life without being overwhelmed by his own stuff, which when you think about it is an absurd idea in itself. Continue reading