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Transforming Military Bases Into Community Farms

An aerial view of the former Alameda NAS– the former military base was closed under BRAC in 1997 and is now a community farm project.

Alameda Naval Air Station experienced its heyday during WWII and somewhat during the Cold War. Under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC), the base was closed in 1997 but a portion of the land was still set aside to be utilized by non-profits and government agencies for “public benefit conveyance”. The closing of the base allowed for the urban area to further develop and expand within city limits. Continue reading

What Does Memorial Day Have To Do With American Idol?

I confess, “if I’m being completely honest” as American Idol judge Simon Cowell used to say, I have watched every season of American Idol (AI) since it started.

I got hooked by the bad auditions in the beginning of the first season, not expecting to be engaged in the contestants plights and quests for stardom.

With millions of voters, even in the first season when no one really knew what the show was, AI consistently gets a voter turnout those in politics would be envious of. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On M.I.A.’s Contoversial “Born Free” Video

M.I.A.’s new video directed by Romain Gavras is stirring up some controversy and not for nudity like Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”. It was yanked from youtube in the US almost immediately.

The video is violent and graphic but M.I.A., whom I am a supporter of, often speaks of violence in her music and other assorted topics Americans with sensitive ears are shielded from. “Born Free” shows young, white male redheads being rounded up by authorities, a kid getting shot in the head, another beaten and yet another blown up. It’s NSFW but you can watch the video below. Continue reading

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On “Peace Within And Peace Without”


I heard this speech again for the first time in December. This is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “A Christmas Sermon on Peace” (1967).

Dr. King first delivered this sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he served as co-pastor. On Christmas Eve, 1967.

There was always something missing to me in his ideas about non violence and why it was not a strategy or a tactic but a lifestyle and a worldview.

Dr. King’s birthday and federal holiday land in the beginning of the year, just as many are slowly abandoning their New Year’s resolutions. Well before New Years I resolved to let go of grudges and anger long held inside for persons that had no idea that’s what I was doing all this time.

But how? Surely it was easier said and resolved than done. In this speech I found an answer that apparently I wasn’t ready to hear before.

Often Dr. King’s sharp and analytical mind is overlooked in favor of a “Santa Clausified”, sanitized preacher from Georgia who made one good speech.

In “A Christmas Sermon on Peace” he explains the difference between like and love, why we should love, forgive and work towards peace. He offers us the opportunity to rethink “Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men” as “peace within and peace without.”

An excerpt: Continue reading

So Fresh And So Green’s Top 5 Posts Of 2009


Happy New Year and Happy Independence Day to All the Haitians out there. We here at sofreshandsogreen.com we are excited about this new year. So here’s a look back at last year’s greatest hits just before we jump into what’s in store for 2010.

Homelessness Sucks: Carteret Island Climate Change Refugees
Victims of climate change make it a not so abstract concept in this post full of images to illustrate the point.

Hello World! Welcome To So Fresh And So Green.com
There’s a nice intro to the site in this post.

An Interview With DJ C-Reality: He’s Not Just A DJ, He’s A Hip Hop Purist Part 1 and Part 2

An Interview With Josh Goldstein- Artist and NYC Bodega Enthusiast
Part 1
and Part 2

Here’s 2 for the price off 1. It’s been a big 2009 for Josh Goldstein and it was a pleasure to have a Q&A with him.

Is Cookie Monster Now Veggie Monster?
One of our most popular posts attempts to answer the question once and for all: Is Cookie Monster Now Veggie Monster?

Here’s a few honorable mention posts:

Graffiti Taxonomy Project

My confession about where my commitment to nature comes from: Madam Toussaint as a Treehugger

Special thanks to Marthalicia for her participation in Marthalicia Matarrita On Being An Artist In The Military

What does Ghostface have to do with overfishing? Find out in Overfishing Slows In Some Areas But Continues In Others

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