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Like Mike Anyone– Tyson, Pollan, Jackson…

like mike anyone

“I perform like Mike Anyone – Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, action.” -The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie’s quote got me thinking, over the years we’ve written a lot of posts for you and there’s one name that seems to come up pretty often. No it’s not Van Jones, although he does appear on this site frequently, the name is Michael. Sure, you could’ve seen that coming as Michael is a common name in our culture, but I’ve counted 6 of these archangels that showed up at this crossroads of information and ideas. Continue reading

Where Is Michael Jackson’s Pet Bubbles The Chimp Now?

La Toya Jackson finds out what happened to Bubbles the chimp in a recent special on Animal Planet. Michael Jackson gave up Bubbles in 2004 and this is the first time member of the Jackson family has been to see him.

Patti Regan, director of the Center for Great Apes in Florida, prepares La Toya Jackson for her first visit with Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s famous chimp, after many years.

She warns La Toya he likes to spit a mouthful of water at new people which is awesome. Continue reading

G8 Nations Plan To Drop Promised Aid To Africa

It is a scandal that the G8 are trying to quietly drop the promise they made to the world when millions campaigned to make poverty history.

The UK government should do all it can to stop this betrayal of the world’s poor at the Canadian G8.” ~Max Lawson, policy adviser for Oxfam, guardian.co.uk

The G8 will gather in Canada this month for the Muskoka summit where Aid to Africa has not been mentioned in a leaked draft communique for the meeting.

At 2005 Gleneagles summit the world’s most industrialized nations committed to provide increase aid to developing countries by around $50 billion a year by 2010. An extra $25 billion in financial assistance was allotted to Africa a year. Continue reading

RIP Dorothy Height: Women’s and Civil Rights Leader Dies At 98

A Negro woman has the same kind of problems as other women, but she can’t take the same things for granted.” ~Dorothy Height

I just wanted to draw some attention to the passing of Dorothy Height, women’s, African American rights leader and chairwoman of the National Council of Negro Women. She died on Tuesday at 98 years old. I didn’t want for it to be the case that Dorothy Height would get the Farrah Fawcett treatment when she died the same day as Michael Jackson. She died the same day as Hip Hop legend Guru, born Keith Elam, of Gang Starr.

Her social activism lasted 80 years and while we find time to revere male heroes of the civil rights movement every year we neglect the heroines. Continue reading



The Earth we share is not just a rock tossed through space, but a living, nurturing being. She cares for us, she deserves our care in return.”
~Michael Jackson

Fresh off of the Grammy tribute here we have a quote from MJ himself. At the Grammy tribute to the late artist those in charge saw fit to use the song “Earth Song” with Celine Dion, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Carrie Underwood and Smokey Robinson.

This quote makes it plain and shows that it isn’t odd at all that a Black person might say that. Free of vocabulary words like sustainability, dark green, CFL and carbon footprints here we have a statement about the environment all kinds of people, Black or otherwise, could get behind. It’s just that simple.

I think Michael Jackson genuinely cared for the environment and Continue reading