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NAACP Joins Fight Against New York City Soda Ban

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The NAACP has joined the ranks of those opposed to New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary sodas. The organization’s New York chapter claimed in court on Wednesday that while obesity is a significant problem in the black and Latino community but the ban would “would disproportionately hurt minority-owned small businesses, which faced competition from larger convenience stores like 7-Eleven that would be exempt from the soda restrictions because of a quirk in New York’s regulatory structure.” Continue reading

Like Mike Anyone– Tyson, Pollan, Jackson…

like mike anyone

“I perform like Mike Anyone – Tyson, Jordan, Jackson, action.” -The Notorious B.I.G.

Biggie’s quote got me thinking, over the years we’ve written a lot of posts for you and there’s one name that seems to come up pretty often. No it’s not Van Jones, although he does appear on this site frequently, the name is Michael. Sure, you could’ve seen that coming as Michael is a common name in our culture, but I’ve counted 6 of these archangels that showed up at this crossroads of information and ideas. Continue reading

Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It- As Long As It’s Not The Census

A low response rate could have very serious consequences for our city, for each person who is not counted in the census, the city loses about $3,000 in federal aid every year, money that could be spent on services our communities all want and need. ~NYC mayor Mayor Bloomberg

Less than 50% of Brooklyn has filled out their census forms and that means the census will be knocking on their doors in May. Seems like the first thought for people has been “it’s gotta be those damn immigrants.” To be fair the surrounding boroughs didn’t fair that much better, only clocking in at Continue reading


Photo Credit: “Return To The Batcave” by Jake Dobkin

It was once called “The Lavender Lake”. Sounds like a nice place to go right? Nah, it wasn’t. The Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, New York was so named by the locals because it was so polluted with lavender tinged industrial waste.

After decades of all kinds of industrial wastes from coal tar, oil refineries, tanneries and chemical plants, raw sewage, heavy metals the Gowanus Canal is now in a federal clean up program.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has declared the site a Superfund. This is a program created in 1980 that gives the EPA the authority to clean up the most hazardous sites in the nation, force the local polluters to clean the site or face stiff penalties including paying the EPA 3 times their cost to clean up the site. It also means the site has a shot at a thorough and comprehensive clean up. If not pollution of the groundwater and in the area can leech into places that can still make people sick. Continue reading