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Should You be Eating Broccoli For Desert?

broccolli house
Photo Credit: “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son, so I built him a broccoli house instead.” by Brock Davis

Sounds crazy? Who would eat broccoli for desert anyway? Well, I’m not advocating that you do that I just want to share a story.

One day a coworker was telling me about her daughter who spent the day with another relative acting as babysitter. When my coworker asked her daughter what she did all day and if she had fun the little girl replied: Continue reading

McDonald’s “Improves” Happy Meals, Meals Still Unhealthy

mcdonalds improved happy meal

McDonald’s announced they would be adding a quarter cup or half serving of apple slices to all happy meals, as well as reducing the portion of fries to 1.1 ounces in an effort to “help kids make healthier choices.” They will also be introducing fat free chocolate milk as opposed to the low fat milk they currently have. The fast food chain’s senior director of nutrition said the changes were a response to customer demand.

McDonald’s claims to “help kids make healthier choices”, but most of these changes will be “automatic”. Where’s the choice in that? Research shows most people stick with the default and the logic is supposed to be that now the default is “healthier”.

Everything else is your choice:
* Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or Chicken McNuggets.
* “Beverage, including new fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low fat white milk”

The change in the meal still leaves many feeling not so happy. For starters, smaller portions of fries and a few apple slices does not make a “healthy” meal when some, if not all, of McDonald’s food is genetically modified, factory-farmed and laced with sugar and sodium. The 1% low fat white milk is still a choice and maybe that’s just as well since anything other than of a cup of ice will be an unhealthy choice anyway as a beverage at McDonald’s…and even then you still have to be concerned about this.

Changes to the adult McDonald’s menu to sugar, sodium, and saturated fats won’t go into full effect for another five to ten years. You’ll have to make healthier choices without help from McDonald’s till then.

Why Aren’t We Eating Chicken For Breakfast?

Photo Credit: Hardees Chicken Fillet Breakfast

One of my readers sent me an email with a link to a post called “Why Don’t We Eat Chicken for Breakfast?” You may not want KFC’s Double Down Sandwich for breakfast but I thought it was a good question. So why don’t we eat chicken for breakfast?

The post didn’t answer the question, although there is a nifty infographic there, so I will attempt to. Continue reading

Kid Cudi And vitaminwater Cure the Common Cold

Kid Cudi has teamed up with vitaminwater to sell you a dream. The dream is that vitaminwater is actually healthy, so healthy it could help you beat the common cold, for which there is no cure as far as I know.

Also girls will not you more, not just cause you’re not sick but because they won’t have to take care of you while you’re sick. Way to be self sufficient guys.

The campaign is called “Strong Man” and no I didn’t make that up. The commercial features the music of Kid Cudi and I admit I was a bit disappointed that Cudi wasn’t in the commercial holding a bottle of colored water and trying to break dance without spilling it. Continue reading

Quote: A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg On Being Diabetic

I became diabetic in May of 1990. It’s hereditary.

My moms is diabetic but even growing up seeing her having to take insulin shots and things of that nature, I didn’t take heed because I was still waking up to a glass of Quik, you know what I’m saying?

Oreo cookies for breakfast, just stupid shit. It didn’t make it any better that we were on the road performing, eating KFC, McDonalds, shit like that and I was going hard when we was younger…

We did Low End. We did Midnight, Beats, Rhymes, The Love Movement, all of that but I wasn’t always taking care of myself and it finally caught up to me when we broke up. ~Phife

Phife of the legendary Hip Hop group A Tribe called Quest has recently had an interview with okayplayer.com where he opened up about his struggle with diabetes. Continue reading

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