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VIDEO: Vote For An Artbattles Artist To Represent The US In Europe In 2012

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Artbattles is having a battle and you’re invited to take part, right now…from your computer. The top 4 artists will be invited to battle in New York City at LE POISSION ROUGE on January 27. The winner of that battle will join the U.S. Team in Europe this March. So what is Artbattles? “Born from the artistic movement in 2001 that blended graffiti and fine art, Art Battles was the first competitive venue where artists could test their skills in front of a live audience.”

I’m not trying to sway your vote but Continue reading

The “Graffolution” Art Show

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Last week I had the opportunity to head over to the “Graffolution” show at the Soapstone Gallery in New York City. Among the artists featured were friends to the blog bodega enthusiast Josh Goldstein and the non cubist Gigi Bio, who had a piece that featured our other friend artist Marthalicia Matarrita as a modern day Frida Khalo of Brooklyn. You can check that out and some of the other highlights I was tall enough to get pics of. Continue reading

What Does Memorial Day Have To Do With American Idol?

I confess, “if I’m being completely honest” as American Idol judge Simon Cowell used to say, I have watched every season of American Idol (AI) since it started.

I got hooked by the bad auditions in the beginning of the first season, not expecting to be engaged in the contestants plights and quests for stardom.

With millions of voters, even in the first season when no one really knew what the show was, AI consistently gets a voter turnout those in politics would be envious of. Continue reading

So Fresh And So Green’s Top 5 Posts Of 2009


Happy New Year and Happy Independence Day to All the Haitians out there. We here at sofreshandsogreen.com we are excited about this new year. So here’s a look back at last year’s greatest hits just before we jump into what’s in store for 2010.

Homelessness Sucks: Carteret Island Climate Change Refugees
Victims of climate change make it a not so abstract concept in this post full of images to illustrate the point.

Hello World! Welcome To So Fresh And So Green.com
There’s a nice intro to the site in this post.

An Interview With DJ C-Reality: He’s Not Just A DJ, He’s A Hip Hop Purist Part 1 and Part 2

An Interview With Josh Goldstein- Artist and NYC Bodega Enthusiast
Part 1
and Part 2

Here’s 2 for the price off 1. It’s been a big 2009 for Josh Goldstein and it was a pleasure to have a Q&A with him.

Is Cookie Monster Now Veggie Monster?
One of our most popular posts attempts to answer the question once and for all: Is Cookie Monster Now Veggie Monster?

Here’s a few honorable mention posts:

Graffiti Taxonomy Project

My confession about where my commitment to nature comes from: Madam Toussaint as a Treehugger

Special thanks to Marthalicia for her participation in Marthalicia Matarrita On Being An Artist In The Military

What does Ghostface have to do with overfishing? Find out in Overfishing Slows In Some Areas But Continues In Others

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p l a t o o n [#3] by Jesse Wright

During the holidays my attention turns to those in the military among others. And well, art, music and the environment are always on my mind so I decided to ask my former schoolmate, the incredibly passionate artist Marthalicia Matarrita, a few questions about the unique position of an artist in the military.

She is one of the founders M-Squared Art Productions; a collective grounded in the four elements of hip-hop. M-Squared integrates art and music into the party landscape of New York city with Marthalicia’s specialty in live painting. In this interview she explains how she managed to express herself in the military with her boots.

Madam Toussaint: Please state your branch or the military, your rank and your years of service.

Marthalicia Matarrita: Army National Guard, 91 Bravo Combat Medic. I enlisted on October 1999, and received my HONORABLE DISCHARGE papers on 2005, ending rank: e-4 Specialist. (6 years Active Reserve, and then 2 years inactive for emergency purposes, in case of a home war).

Were you ever in war when you were in the military?
I was called for duty while I was in college in New Paltz, on September 11, 2001 and Continue reading