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Top 5 Black Environmentalists You Need to Know About

green is the new black

Last year I brought you Top 5 White People Worth Interrupting Black History Month For as a statement that while this site has a strong focus on Black people there are many ideas out there and all of our answers were not going to come from only dealing with Black people. The question was raised “Why not do a list of People of Color instead? We are underrepresented.” Well, the representation of people of color on SoFreshAndSoGreen.com is the reverse or the mainstream, but here’s a list anyway. This one highlights Black environmentalists.

Who says Black people don’t care about the environment? For Black History Month we introduce these Black environmentalists (5 in no particular order) but we celebrate them all year round. Continue reading

Majora Carter On Santa Going Green This Year

20080708 Chicago City Hall Green Roof edit 2
Above: Green roof on top if Chicago’s City Hall

Most people set out milk and cookies for Santa on the kitchen table, but what about the hungry deer on the roof? Given the choice, studies have shown that these hard-working animals will favor landing spots with accessible food sources. ~Majora Carter

Environmental consultant and city planning visionary Majora Carter’s motto “Green The Ghetto” extends into everyone’s neighborhood with a new push for Santa to go green. More specifically, Continue reading

So Fresh And So Green’s Birthday 1.0!!!

Today is the birthday of sofreshandsogreen.com. My bouncing baby blog is a 1 year old and that’s thanks to you guys. It’s also my birthday and for me it’s been quite a journey because at times I may teach, or even preach, but I learn as you learn. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many great folks out there and I’m glad I could be a part of educating, informing and entertaining. Continue reading

Earth Day: The Point Of It All

I like to think it’s Earth Day Every Day on this site and while I realize treehugger.com will probably have some great stuff today for you as usual, I’ve decided to give you something you can’t get there- what I’ve learned about Earth Day.

As I’ve written before I grew up with a love of nature and science but I’ve considered that as a Black person interested in the environment I may have gotten into this in a different way than The Great Majora Carter and The Great Van Jones. As a teen I was able to take my love of nature into the classroom. In high school I was desperate to avoid chemistry class. It seemed hard and uninteresting. I managed to get Environmental Science class which I took for a year.

Finally, my chance to study this and get credit for it. My first class didn’t disappoint. My teacher was a young, cool white dude with cool, young white dude hair- I know you know what that is. He came in with Continue reading

The Source Magazine’s “Green Issue”

The Source has released their “Green Issue” this month with Method Man, Ghostface and Raekwon on the cover alternating with J. Cole.

I actually found out about this trough Majora Carter on Twitter who had this to say:

I’m still trying to figure out what “green” means in this instance other than the color scheme. No mention of anything dealing with the environment on the cover. Maybach’s and iPad’s aren’t very green. I haven’t heard back from The Source yet. I also haven’t bought The Source magazine this millennium. Continue reading