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‪How to Become a Vegetarian and Live an Ultra Spiritual Life with JP Sears‬

Here’s a video from the hilarious JP Sears about vegetarianism. I’ve been a vegetarian for many years and have traveled in many of the circles he satires so well. Each video is full of Easter eggs of wisdom that reveal so many of the hypocrisies we readily accept. JP’s work is always a treat, even if you only eat vegetables, so treat it like a sometimes food and don’t forget to share!

Going Organic with Ultra Spiritual Life Guru JP Sears

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There are plenty of great reasons to eat organic food, like the fact that it is better for our environment and it has more nutrients than conventionally grown food. Besides, it’s what everyone used to eat anyway. What it won’t do is make you superior to others or a saint even though some still think it will. So how do we get people to break those associations? It starts by acknowledging them. Continue reading