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Thank President Obama For Taking Action On Mercury And Toxic Air Pollution

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There are petitions for everything and when it comes to politicians it usually involves stopping a certain policy or something but I came across this petition sponsored by the Sierra Club to thank President Obama for standing strong on mercury pollution. Maybe he’s waiting to hear from you? Continue reading

Black Males Are More Unemployed Than Anyone Else


Are you unemployed, all non void? If you are chances are you are a male. This great recession is being called a “he-cession” by some due to the staggering levels of male unemployment this time around.

The loss of male dominated industries like manufacturing is considered a major cause for this. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gives us more information on who theses males are and surprise surprise many of them are Black males.

Maybe you and I don’t need stats to tell us this but these studies can be necessary, particularly when dealing with government funded aid when race is involved, to “justify” the release of funds to specific groups. Anyway, it’s good to be informed.

Pac Div- “Young Black Male”

Lest you find yourself in danger of viewing young Black males as an abstract group of people you can’t relate to Pac Div has decided to let you know what their plight is from the horse’s mouth. This song was more surprising than these stats for me and didn’t sound like what I thought it would based on what I heard from them before and the title.

I like these guys. They don’t sound like what I knew the West Coast to sound like years ago which is what new, younger artists should do. Not only do they change who they sound like to me from track to track, they talk about things a regular person can relate too. Imagine that a rap song with lyrics you can relate to- Outrageous!

Many Black males were unemployed, like TV show patriarch James Evans was, during the “good times” this country had so when the economy takes a dive even more Black males are unemployed right along with those who haven’t been employed in years. Continue reading


Photo Credit: “tangerine” by Tracy Collins

This Halloween I tried to figure out what I thought would be the scariest thing I could think of and for me Saw 6 doesn’t even register. Neither does a plastic jack-o-lantern of nature’s candy.

For me being “unemployed all non void” would rank pretty high at the top of my list. I came across this list on careerbuilder.com, which has helped me build my career, of 10 Companies Hiring for the Holidays. Here’s your opportunity to finally be a wrapper, the kind that wraps Christmas presents not the kind that “has been relentless in the pursuit of his dreams” whatever that means…

In case you were wondering I do consider this “green” because hey what’s greener than money?

10 Companies Hiring for the Holidays

Happy Halloween!