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Homeboy Sandman Releases “The Good Sun” June 1st

People are being distracted by this other stuff that’s put in front of them. There strategic censorship of good music taking place…” ~ Homeboy Sandman on NYC Hip Hop, Underground Railroad, WBAI

First time I heard this dude I found him really refreshing and he’s doing it again with his new album The Good Sun. Homeboy is getting press in the LA Times [1] and hiphopdx.com [2] lately not to mention his visit to the “heroic” WBAI on the “heroic” Underground Railroad with Jay Smooth on Sunday night. So much props to him. Continue reading

Shepard Fairey: May Day, Art and Politics

In one of my first posts I put up a pic of artist Shepard Fairey’s clean energy poster. He’s the guy responsible for making the now iconic propaganda picture of Barack Obama.

You can pretend to be Shepard Fairey and Obamanicon yourself at obamiconme.pastemagazine.com. You need a clear decent pic of yourself to do it though as I learned on several so so attempts to Obamanicon Jay Smooth during the Jay Smooth Black History Month Quotes Series. I had to settle for makeshift Simpsonizing.

Check out this interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose and street artist Fairey below where he discusses some of his beliefs on politics and art. Continue reading


Photo Credit: “A Mutual Endorsement? by Madam Toussaint

Recent assessments of President Obama’s first year in office have left the right still harshly critical and pretending they’re being thrown off a cliff every time they see him on TV. While the left is pissed because of some of the moves he could have made but didn’t. Some supporters are still waiting to exhale and giving the new president more time.

How come none of us took the time to rate ourselves for President Obama’s first year in office? Can we take time to acknowledge the things we did right? Aren’t there things we could have handled better? Continue reading


Still, as a lifelong representative of hip-hop, I really am bothered whenever the drum gets treated like melody’s stepchild.

My major beef is that when this anti-drum bigotry rears its ugly head…it usually stems from an assumption that melody is the prime determinant of musicality, the core element of music to which rhythm is always secondary.

And it’s largely due to this perception of rhythm as subordinate to melody that hip-hop has so often faced an uphill battle to earn respect as a legitimate musical form.

I’m sure you can all recite the hater’s anthem by heart: “How is that music? It’s all just drum beats and talking, they don’t even sing!”

And this bias infects heads inside the culture too, as reflected by Continue reading


Photo Credit: Madam Toussaint

It’s like when I was a kid, I once bought 50 caramels from the store and tried to eat all of them at once.

At first it seemed like a dream come true, but when I got halfway through they started to taste like peanut butter and I didn’t want to see another caramel for a week.

For some reason that’s what Jay has always been like for me, tasty in small doses but a whole album tastes like peanut butter.

Jay-Z has always tried to play both sides of the “conscious” fence. Continue reading


Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza. Bo, the Obama’s family pet, plays in the snow during a blizzard on the south grounds of the White House, Feb. 10, 2010.

In case you’re wondering Silent Jay is one of my fellow bloggers. Not to be confused with Jay Smooth or Jay Electronica, this is another Jay entirely. This one is silent…but not really. You can hear his voice in the video below. Continue reading


Hip-Hop will never be what it once was, there’s no getting around that.

It began as a form of expression that was of us, for us, and by us in many ways that it will never be again.

In today’s world the ideal hip-hop product is not one that rings true for those who shares the artists’ experiences, but one that provides a vivid, cinematic fantasy for those who will never share the experiences conveyed.”
~Jay Smooth

Above is an excerpt from a post called “Rumors of our Death…” written by Jay Smooth and posted on his blog hiphopmusic.com on April 24, 2003. Yeah that’s right, 2003. That’s crazy to me for 2 reasons: Continue reading

BHM Quote: Harry Allen On Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”

Here on sofreshansogreen.com we’re in the middle of Black History Month Quotes and Jay Smooth Quotes Week. I’m interrupting the latter to bring you the words of Harry Allen as part of my response to comments on my post about Tavis Smiley ending his State of the Black Union address.

I made some glowing remarks about journalist Mr. Allen the Media Assassin in that post. For me, what those panels are missing are voices from persons like Harry Allen, Rosa Clemente and Jay Smooth.

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Allen and his intelligence. He’s is considered by some to be the only Hip Hop journalist ever, cause he’s that dude. So rather than actually posting the love letters to Harry Allen’s brain that I will never send him with some quote, I’ve decided to post this instead and this is why. Continue reading

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