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Japan’s Increasing Cost For A Cancerous Habit

Cigarette vending machines in Tokyo, Japan.

Regular smokers in Japan are about to experience a serious hike in the cost of cigarettes. The tax hikes are not intended to be temporary either; if Health Minister Yoko Komiyama is successful the hikes will annually increase by 100 yen ($1.30). The new average for a pack of cigarettes in Japan is 700 yen ($9.13). The assumed intention behind this price increase is to act as a deterrent to smokers, smokers in 2005 cost Japan 4.3 trillion ($56 billion) in medical costs and economic loss. For many Japanese citizens higher cost for such a dangerous habit should act as a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle.

Source: News on Japan

Doctors Alarmed By Fukushima Radiation Levels

Fukushima children
Photo Credit: “Fukushima children get to play outside for the first time in 5 months” by CBI Polymers, Inc.

Japan is now facing ever increasing fear and concern due to the Tsunami ravaged Daiichi nuclear plant. The amount of radiation released within 5 months is equivalent to more than 29 “Hiroshima-type atomic bombs’ and the amount of uranium released is “equivalent to 20” Hiroshima bombs. Continue reading

PHOTOS: Domo Arigato: Japan Appreciation Festival/Fundraiser 2011

domo arigato tokyo sign
All Photos by Madam Toussaint

Here are some photos from the Domo Arigato: Japan Appreciation Festival 2011 held at the College Park Community Garden in the Bronx, NY. There was live painting, Japanese Hip Hop dancers, vendors, Hip Hop performances and more. The event was a fundraiser for the victims of Japan recent earthquake with proceeds going to the Japan Society. You can donate and stay informed with Continue reading

VIDEO: Japan’s Farmers Concerned About Radiation Contamination Of Rice

Koshihikari Japan rice radiation
Photo Credit: “Rice” by Emran Kassim from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Japan’s government has approved a plan that would compensate the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster after the nuclear plant was hit by the March earthquake and tsunami.

And now there are growing concerns over radiation contamination in food. Al Jazeera reports from Fukushima on why rice farmers in particular are worried about their crops.

Japan To Grow Sunflowers To Clean Radioactive Soil

Photo credit: USDA

Four months after the Fukushima power plant disaster, Japan is asking volunteers to grow sunflowers to help decontaminate radioactive soil.

The seeds of sunflowers grown this year will be sent to areas affected by the disaster. They will be planted next year to help get rid of the radioactive waste.

Young entrepreneurs and civil servants in Fukushima launched the campaign as a symbol of hope and restoration. So far almost 10,000 packets of sunflower seeds have been sold.

Sony, based in Japan has adopted daylight’s saving time after the nuclear disaster, find out why. Why Sony Will Adopt Daylight Savings Time In Japan To Save Power

Watch what Japanese American theoretical physicist and bestselling author Dr. Michio Kaku had to say about Radiation And The Fukushima “Ticking Time Bomb”

Authorities Finally Admit All 3 Fukushima Reactors Melted Down

Photo Credit: Peace Cranes on the GPO steps – Melbourne Vigil for Japan. Melbourne Vigil forthe people of Japan suffering the effects of the Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake, Tsunamis, and an escalating nuclear crisis. By Takver via WC

On March 11, 2011 Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami. What followed was a nuclear disaster due to the major damage the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant sustained. Remember? It was all over the news just a little while ago…oh, but not anymore though. Continue reading

VIDEO: New Interest In Chernobyl Because Of Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

Photo Credit: “The dangerous view- Pripyat- Chernobyl” Ben Fairless

“They call it red forest because this is strong radiation. The leaves of trees became red.” – Gennady Milinevsky, University of Kiev

With all the pro nuclear spin in the news now it can be difficult to understand the scope of the disaster that is the radiation leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Not only are there huge long term risks for those near the fallout, the nature of this disaster is worldwide. Continue reading

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