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How Blogger Eating Beautiful Changed Her Diet And Her Life

eating beautiful

It may seem so hard at times but people change their diets, and by extension their lives, everyday. My twitter buddy Dalia Kinsey also known as Eating Beautiful describes herself as “Hello Kitty Obsessed,Veggie Freak, Totally Awesome Wife, Cat Lover, Womanist, Student of Dietetics/Nutrition”. I knew she knew a thing or two about nutrition so when I heard she changed her diet and got all refined sugars from out of her life I had to ask how she did it. Continue reading

The Shade Cobain Theory: An Interview With Producer Shade Cobain Pt1

Photo Credit: Jordan Beckham

Producer Shade Cobain has been generating attention with projects like Cassette Theory: Beat EP and Them Fighting Words Presents: Anti-Love Theory among others. Recently we featured the instrumental “Black Friday (The Price),” a clever statement about the day of shopping excesses that samples The Price Is Right game show theme song. I got the opportunity to throw Cobain some Qs, he threw back some As about producing, Pittsburgh, parenthood and Kurt Cobain. Continue reading