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INFOGRAPHIC: We Have A Right To Know About Genetically Engineered Foods

gmo infographic

Check out this infographic from justlabelit.org. Just so you know, in the Unites States genetically engineered foods are NOT required to be labeled even though they are overseas and in Europe. So these foods are in the food supply along with other foods unlabeled so you won’t know the difference. Infographic below. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: Mother Nature Vs the Grid: Nature’s Power Illustrated


This infographic illustrates Nature’s energy output in terms of humankind’s energy grids. This should give you an idea of the awesome power of Nature and a better idea of why we tamper with it at our own peril. As I said before, before we get to climate change we have to deal with climate instability. Our changing environment makes hurricanes alone much more powerful and ferocious. Something to think about…Infographic below. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: World Wetlands Destruction


I wrote about wetlands in Today Is World Wetlands Day 2011. In that post you can find out more about wetlands, why they’re important and what their role could have been in preventing some of the destruction and sorrow during Hurricane Katrina. Below is the World Wetlands Destruction infographic detailing the current state of our wetlands..and it ain’t good. Continue reading

INFORGRAPHIC: The Relationship Between Poverty, Age and Winter Sorrows


Seems like there’s an infographic for everything. I chose this one because here in New York City we are experiencing the mildest of weather this time of year. Today the high temperature will be in the 50s F, but given the changes climate change can put us through I feel like we could have just as easily had very low temperatures. Not only would this affect the homeless and the Occupy Wall Street folks but many are affected by seasonal depression. With unemployment, high energy bills, and people attacking each other over gifts this season (I know that makes me kind of sad) winter sorrows are something to be on the lookout for in ourselves and each other. These stats and graphic are from the U.K. but still interesting to those of us who live elsewhere. Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC: GREENWASHED: The Truth About 95% Of So Called Green Products

green marketing exposed

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise to know some companies are looking to make false claims and profit off of consumer ignorance or desire for convenience. You should be thinking critically about every purchase and the information you’re given about your purchases. I get their point, but I disagree with the shopping at big box retailers part here. Infographic below. Continue reading

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