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Transforming Military Bases Into Community Farms

An aerial view of the former Alameda NAS– the former military base was closed under BRAC in 1997 and is now a community farm project.

Alameda Naval Air Station experienced its heyday during WWII and somewhat during the Cold War. Under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC), the base was closed in 1997 but a portion of the land was still set aside to be utilized by non-profits and government agencies for “public benefit conveyance”. The closing of the base allowed for the urban area to further develop and expand within city limits. Continue reading

If Global Warming Is Real Why Did A Blizzard Hit New York City?

Above: “Major intersection: Nostrand ave & Eastern Pkwy and no one is going anywhere.” All photos courtesy of Abigail Ekue

The post-Christmas blizzard hit the East Coast with record snowfall, blanketing the area in tons of snow, not just New York City of course, but from Maine to the Carolinas. In this city our mayor, Michael Bloomberg,
is getting buried in an avalance of complaints, so to speak, about slow snow cleanup, but if the Earth is getting warmer why is there so much snow to cleanup in the first place? Continue reading

Pakistan’s Flood Victims Desperate For Aid

Photo Credit: Monica K. Smith, U.S. Army, Damaged bridge in the Swat valley in Pakistan on August 11th, 2010. The bridge was destroyed by flood waters.

I realize that many countries, including my own, are facing tough economic conditions… And we’ve also endured an unrelenting stream of disasters this year — from the earthquake in Haiti to the wildfires in Russia. But we must answer the Pakistani request for help.” ~Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, nytimes.com

Pakistan is experiencing a reportedly worse disaster than Haiti’s Earthquake, the Tsunami and the South Asian Earthquake put together. After 2 weeks of flooding and heavy rains an area the size of Italy or Florida is underwater and aid has been so slow there’s an outcry not just from flood victims, but from aid agencies. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Knowledge Of Self

Photo Credit: “[ existential ]” by Jesse Wright

Not having knowledge of self is like being homeless within your own body.”

I caught this tweet from a guy named @consciousskillz (Aqiyl Qasim) and I loved the idea of it.
Homelessness for many of would be the ultimate in separation from stuff, you know the material things we like to have around us that keep us on par with the Jones’. Continue reading

Pepsi’s Reverse Vending Machine Pays You To Recycle

With only 34 percent of non-alcoholic bottles and 25 percent of PET plastic bottles recycled annually, Pepsi and Waste Management aim to boost that number to 50 percent through increased recycling at reverse vending machines like the Dream Machines. ~greenbiz.com

You can already get money for recycling but with this reverse vending machine one can recycle cans and bottles then earn reward points or donate cash to charities.

Ah finally, beverage container recycling that’s not just for homeless people! PepsiCo’s Dream Machines program will make as many as 3,000 recycling machines available in high-traffic areas.

Here’s how the system works. Continue reading

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