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Kool Herc, Hip Hop and Universal Health Care

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Note: I wrote this in February, before Nate Dogg’s death after years of health issues, before Masta Ace tweeted about the health effects of rap life and before some of the efforts to help Kool Herc took place. My points still stand, although I initially held off because I thought this may have been perceived as going to far…but who cares about that now. If you don’t have your health, what do you have?

Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc is suffering from kidney stones. He is need of surgery though he already has medical bills of about $10,000. Herc also has no health insurance. Continue reading

Hip Hop Pioneer Kool Herc In Need Of Surgery, But No Health Insurance

DJ Kool Herc

We live in one of the superpowers of the world! ‘Give me your tired, your poor … ‘ and then you don’t take care of them? There should be no weak ants in the colony. There shouldn’t be anyone fighting for health care! This has been going on too damn long! -DJ Kool Herc, statement to MTV News on February 1

DJ Kool Herc, The Father Of Hip Hop, is in financial straits now due to his lack of medical insurance and need for surgery. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On The Dr. Oz Show

One day at work my female coworkers and I were asked to find images in a stack of magazines for a presentation. I came across a perfume ad that stopped me in my tracks. I saw it before but on this day I just had to discuss it with others.

It was a full page closeup of a very handsome blondish man with a 5 o’clock shadow and piercing blue eyes. His head was tilted to the side and he looked directly at the viewer as if to say, “You are the most interesting and beautiful, best smelling woman I’ve ever heard say anything, ever. I am listening. I hear you.” We named him Troy.

A male coworker overheard us discussing it and said, “That’s the look every man has to master. He’s really not paying attention but he knows he has to look like he is. Works like a charm.” Continue reading

Sexy, Older Health Center Seduces Uninsured Black Youth

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center in Kansas City Missouri has launched a campaign to get local uninsured or underinsured African-American young adults who don’t see a doctor regularly to see a doctor. Their “Urban Health Relief Plan” is aimed at getting young Black people in for check ups, follow ups and establishing a place to go to for routine health care.

Teens and 20-somethings aren’t known for caring about their health though many of us have health issues. Even if you’re young and in good health you don’t have to be Drake (pictured above) to take a hilarious yet nasty fall. The campaign utilizes Twitter, Facebook and text messaging to get the young, broke and fabulous involved and enrolled. Because they were able to get a grant from the state of Missouri not only will this program pay for transportation for those living in a 8 mile radius and there are no co-payments. Continue reading

An Interview With Haitian Singer Alan Cave’s Charity We Care-Haiti Pt2

Photo Credit: Project Medishare

Transparency is an important issue for an organization that asks for your money. If you missed the first part of the interview you can check it out HERE.

In this part of my interview with Myrtho Cave, the president of We Care-Haiti sponsored by ACMEF and the wife of Alan Cave, the lead singer of the Haitian band ZIN (one of the most popular Haitian Konpa music bands) we discussed where its own donation money goes. Continue reading

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