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Kool Herc, Hip Hop and Universal Health Care

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Note: I wrote this in February, before Nate Dogg’s death after years of health issues, before Masta Ace tweeted about the health effects of rap life and before some of the efforts to help Kool Herc took place. My points still stand, although I initially held off because I thought this may have been perceived as going to far…but who cares about that now. If you don’t have your health, what do you have?

Hip Hop pioneer Kool Herc is suffering from kidney stones. He is need of surgery though he already has medical bills of about $10,000. Herc also has no health insurance. Continue reading

Hip Hop Pioneer Kool Herc In Need Of Surgery, But No Health Insurance

DJ Kool Herc

We live in one of the superpowers of the world! ‘Give me your tired, your poor … ‘ and then you don’t take care of them? There should be no weak ants in the colony. There shouldn’t be anyone fighting for health care! This has been going on too damn long! -DJ Kool Herc, statement to MTV News on February 1

DJ Kool Herc, The Father Of Hip Hop, is in financial straits now due to his lack of medical insurance and need for surgery. Continue reading