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The Nation Of Islam Delivers Purified Water To Haiti

nation of islam donate water
Photo: MHAVE Minister Edwin Paraison, Ezili Danto

The Nation of Islam has partnered with an organization called the Ezili Danto’s Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network and the Haitian army to donate a 3o,000 gallon-per-day water purification system to aid in Haiti’s recent cholera outbreak. According to Defend Haiti the first of 2 purification units were Continue reading

VIDEO: Haiti Stands With Japan


I’ve heard comments about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan recently and it seems, unfortunately, every disaster of this kind will make some compare whatever recent tragedy to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. What’s missing from the analysis are always those being discussed, how they feel and how they relate to others in need. Hopefully this touching video is enough to make people think twice before launching into first world armchair quarterbacking. Continue reading

Text Messages Against Cholera


The Artibonite district in Haiti is where cholera epidemic first struck. In order the prevent the disease from spreading the Red Cross is using mobile technology to track and blast more than 70,000 people migrating from Artibonite to other parts of the country in the next week.

Today, for instance, 30,000 cell phone users in the Artibonite district will get this message: Continue reading

France Urged To Repay Haiti’s 200 Year Old Debt

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.- Frederick Douglass

In a letter, Noam Chomsky, Cornel West, members of Parliament in Europe, Canada and the Philippines, scholars, journalists and activists from the international communtiy and Haiti urged French president Nicholas Sarkoy (above) to give reparations money back to Haiti. Post earthquake international aid has been given in the millions when billions were promised to the ailing nation. Continue reading

Could Wyclef Become The First Rapper Turned President?

AP photo: Wyclef Jean on Fox Business Network, doesn't he look like a politician here?

His uncle, Raymond Alcide Joseph, has been the Haitian ambassador to the United States since 2005 and helped Wyclef’s drive to raise money and relief aid for victims of the massive earthquake.” ~allhiphop.com [1]

Sources close to Haitian musician Wyclef Jean confirm that the 37 year old will announce his plans to run for president of the disaster stricken nation. Jean, who also has his Haitian citizenship must meet the August 7th is deadline to submit his plan for running for President. Continue reading

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