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Mothers: We Honor And Remember You


I could tell you the Earth is everyone’s Mother and I could tell you you should have bought a potted plant for your Mom instead of cut flowers because it’s “greener” but instead I just want to put up some videos for you this Mother’s Day.

This is a complicated an emotional holiday for many. I still have my Mom but my heart is heavy today because of the loss of a Mom in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to those who will celebrate today out of remembrance for their Moms, “single” Moms who raise their children with and without the help of partner or a village, to “single” Dads doing double duty, Moms to be, Grandmoms raising their grandchildren, Moms who can’t or won’t be Moms for whatever reason, and the creators who give birth to anything we can all enjoy. We see you and we honor you. Continue reading

Top 5 Black Environmentalists You Need to Know About

green is the new black

Last year I brought you Top 5 White People Worth Interrupting Black History Month For as a statement that while this site has a strong focus on Black people there are many ideas out there and all of our answers were not going to come from only dealing with Black people. The question was raised “Why not do a list of People of Color instead? We are underrepresented.” Well, the representation of people of color on SoFreshAndSoGreen.com is the reverse or the mainstream, but here’s a list anyway. This one highlights Black environmentalists.

Who says Black people don’t care about the environment? For Black History Month we introduce these Black environmentalists (5 in no particular order) but we celebrate them all year round. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Soul Food The Movie And Mother’s Day Recipes

Okay, it’s Mother’s Day again and somehow with all the stuff I’ve had to do in the past few weeks I still didn’t get my mom anything. The greenest thing I could think of getting my mom was food, specifically I mean giving her the day off and making some food for the family. I needed to make something different so I looked to my internet ecolovlies, as fellow blogger Queskeya calls us, for some ideas.

So I’m late and if you are too this post may help. As soon as I’m done with this I’m headed to the supermarket.

I understand Mother’s Day can be difficult for many and that’s why I went with recipes this year too. Everyone likes good food, even better if it’s good for you too right? These recipes are good anytime and for anyone you want to cook for so let’s dig in… Continue reading

Earth Day Around The Net

I thought I might take some time out to throw out some link love and highlight some Earth Day eco-conscious stuff around the net for you.

The lovely Quiskaeya takes a look at The Effects of Poverty on the Environment

At a loss for what to do on Earth Day? Earth 911 gives you 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in 5 Minutes

At Black Into Green in Gloria a green avid gardener, lover of the great outdoors, mother and blogger who writes about going green form the African American perspective. This is what she has planned this earth day Earth Day Again, Already?. What I enjoyed reading even more today was Gloria’s 2010 Green Goals. What’s cool about her post today is that you can see she’s so active and likely on track with her 2010 goals. Go Gloria!

Treehugger offers a cornucopia of Earth day treats. Here’s a few: Continue reading