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Leo Angelo Bio drawing
By Leo Bio

The BIO VS. NANO Art Show features the work of artist Gigi Bio, whom we’ve interviewed before in Q&A With Artist Gigi Bio-Don’t Call Her A Cubist, She’s Been Here For Years! and her fellow, talented artist siblings Leo and Grace Bio.

bio vs nano art show

The 3 Bios, the 8X10 COLLECTIVE, have their work up at the DIS Micro Gallery from July 7 – August 31, 2011 so if you’re in NYC you should check it out. Artwork sale info visit DIS Micro Gallery Presents “BIO VS. NANO” V.2 featuring MeLo-X via facebook.

We have many more pics up at our Facebook page in the album The BIO VS. NANO Art Show. No worries, it’s a public page.

Leo Angelo Bio drawing 5

The White Train presents “UTOPIA” Gigi Bio Solo Show

gigi-bio-white-train flyer

If you’re in the New York area you can check out one of our favorite photographic artists, Gigi Bio, at The White Train presents “UTOPIA” Gigi Bio Solo Show.

Opening Thursday – Oct 7, 2010:  @ Dis Micro Gallery 68 Jay Street, Suite 221.  The show will be up until November 4 at 11:00pm.

Can’t make it to the gallery? Continue reading

The “Graffolution” Art Show

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Last week I had the opportunity to head over to the “Graffolution” show at the Soapstone Gallery in New York City. Among the artists featured were friends to the blog bodega enthusiast Josh Goldstein and the non cubist Gigi Bio, who had a piece that featured our other friend artist Marthalicia Matarrita as a modern day Frida Khalo of Brooklyn. You can check that out and some of the other highlights I was tall enough to get pics of. Continue reading

I Saw Her Again Last Week And She’s Still Greener Than Me

Photo Credit: “RADIATE” by Gigi Bio

There’s this young woman that lives in my neighborhood. At one time she and I had some mutual friends but I never really knew her. What I do know is that occasionally I run into her and she’s greener than me.

It’s always at some off peak shopping hour when few shoppers are around. She’s always modestly dressed, with dark, unprocessed, natural African American hair. Her complexion is clear like she never had a pimple, a scar or a cut in her life. Continue reading

Who Needs Rappers When We Have Robots?

Main Entry: sim·u·la·crum
Pronunciation: sim-yuh-la-kruhm
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from simulare

1 : image, representation
2 : an insubstantial form or semblance of something : trace

Recently I was on Twitter when I saw this tweet from prolific twitterer and DJ for the legendary Hip Hop group EPMD @drscratch.

sofreshsogreen’s reply:

I was womaning the sofreshsogreen twitter account that day and I knew at the time I could do better than that answer. Maybe not in 140 characters though so here goes.

In 5 years Hip Hop will be the same as it is now only younger with less powerful statements being made to illuminate the Black or the human experience. Oh yeah, there will be lots of bright colors too.

I think even further in the future we can have rap without rappers. Continue reading


Photo Credit: “Cylone Nathan’s Wonder Wheel Astroland” by Josh Goldstein

Today is the birthday of artist and bodega enthusiast Josh Goldstein. Josh has been doing some big things lately including participating in a huge Times Square ad for Target, museum exhibitions with fellow artist Gigi Bio and some new online treats at etsy.com.bodegaNYC.

You can get you very own Continue reading

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