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VIDEO: @CanarsieBK Speaks At Occupy LA

I was so proud to see that fellow blogger and urban organic gardener extraordinaire CanarsieBK, Mike Lieberman, speaking at Occupy L.A. earlier this month. His topic was growing your own food, the similarities between the food and financial industries and how we can be the change we want to see.

Src: Speech About Growing Your Own Food at OccupyLA

PHOTOS: Domo Arigato: Japan Appreciation Festival/Fundraiser 2011

domo arigato tokyo sign
All Photos by Madam Toussaint

Here are some photos from the Domo Arigato: Japan Appreciation Festival 2011 held at the College Park Community Garden in the Bronx, NY. There was live painting, Japanese Hip Hop dancers, vendors, Hip Hop performances and more. The event was a fundraiser for the victims of Japan recent earthquake with proceeds going to the Japan Society. You can donate and stay informed with Continue reading

Silent Jay’s Top 5 Things We Can Do Differently Right Now!

Hello my name is Silent Jay. I’m a fellow blogger and friend of Madam Toussaint and she’s been gracious enough to allow me to do a special guest post on her site. I have list of 5 things that we can all do not only improve the environment but I also believe will improve our communities.

Here’s the good news, none of these things require you attend a meeting, a seminar, or a forum. They’re just things we can all do everyday. Continue reading