Soul-Heart Sessions: A Winter Tribute To The Late Avenging Wind

Rest In Peace Fathom 9

I’ve been through a lot of changes since I last updated this blog regularly. I’ve wanted to restart this and to be consistent because I think that’s what you and this project deserves but I’ve also struggled with where to start. So I think I’ll start with where I am and have been most recently. It’s fitting to me that my first post this year be about the loss of my fellow artist and online friend Ennis Newman perhaps better known as Avenging Wind/Fathom 9. Continue reading

DOWNLOAD: I Still Love H.E.R. Vol. 1

There is a beautiful monthly event held at Subterranean dedicated to women in Hip-Hop called I Still Love H.E.R. LadyGemStar and KickAssAlyssia created this vibrant night “dedicated to the love of Hip Hop and its elements through the feminine experience. The four are represented by featuring a variety of Chicago female DJs, MCs, Breakers and Graffiti artists. Their mission: “to create a platform and raise awareness to the importance of the feminine contribution in the Chicago hip hop community as well as in it’s culture.” Word.

Recently, they put out a mixtape (mixed by DJ ALO) highlighting some of Chicago’s flyest Emcees. The mixtape features: The First Lady Of Rhymesayers: Psalm One, Rita J (Of All Natural), ANG 13, Amina, Jade Ivy, SPQ-HER, and many more. The ladies have diverse styles, content, and such. They are on point. If you love Rap check it out and if you’re in Chicago drop by Subterranean and soak up some culture. Visit their website: istillloveherinc.com to download the mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Big K.R.I.T. – ‘4everNaDay’

Rapper and producer Big K.R.I.T.’s latest mixtape 4everNaDay is full of buttery hot soulful tracks and positive energy. While K.R.I.T is not the most lyrically complex or technical spitter, he more than makes up for it with his storytelling and ability to emote. You can feel and believe every word he says, this intangible charm puts him in zone that few rappers achieve. Add to this his often uplifting and motivational themes in his songs, which he pulls off without being corny, K.R.I.T. is the king of the so-called “conscious” southern rap once dominated by Outkast.

While 4everNaDay is not as progressive musically as an Outkast album, its lushness act as audible sunshine. For me this album came right on time, providing me with a much need boost, bringing some light to the dark my life currently reside in. I compare K.R.I.T.’s style to Basquiat’s deceptively simple yet producing great emotional resonance. This mixtape has me excited to hear what K.R.I.T. has in store for his up coming debut studio album Live From The Underground.


DOWNLOAD: An “Etta” James Tribute –Jasiri X (Produced by Agent of Change)

Etta James Jasiri X Agent of Change

She was bad enough to rock blond hair and dark eyebrows. Even though she was jypped out of a decent tribute at the Grammy’s, among others, Jasiri X and producer Agent of Change put together a nice one for legend Etta James. Compelling production right from the start they even threw in what even kind of sounds like diss towards Beyonce. Etta would approve!

DOWNLOAD: Do The Dilla 2012- A Tribute To The Drum​-​Master

Description: “A love project in memory of James Dewitt Yancey, better known under the name Jaydee or J-Dilla. An idea of Do The Right Print, Food for ya Soul & Feelin’ Music, bringing different beatmakers from around the world to perpetuate J-Dilla’s art, in order to give to the audience a new vision of his creations… “

Download this Dilla remix album for free! Enjoy.