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VIDEO: USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson On Earth Day


Letterman: Are you [the EPA] concerned with climate change? That doesn’t come under your heading or does it?

Jackson: Oh Absolutely we’re concerned with climate change. Absolutely.

Letterman: And there’s nothing we can do about that really is there? [laughter]

Jackson: I personally don’t think it’s hopeless. I think we need to move. I think we need to act.

Letterman: It’s hopeless. Absolutely. When you see the president tell him I said, it’s hopeless. [laughter]

Here’s 3 videos featuring the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa P. Jackson for Earth Day. Continue reading

QUOTE: Rapper Master P on BP’s Oil Spill

Photo Credit: AP Photo

It’s definitely something that’s another tragedy for our community. [You] have to realize we have to prepare for this but, you never know when something like the oil spill will happen.”

“It’s out of control and it’s killing the animals and the business people that do fishing in that area. People don’t realize how this is it’s going to effect the entire country.” ~Percy “Master P” Miller as told to AllHipHop.com

I’m glad a New Orleans rapper can make a statement like this that shows concern for animals and business people as well as well as looking at a bigger picture. So often this BP oil leak is described as some type of local problem. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Pesticides, ADHD and BP’s Oil Spill

Here’s my hypothesis: BP’s oil spill will lead to rising ADHD cases in children.

BP’s April 20th massive oil spill is an environmental disaster with effects reaching much farther out than just the Gulf region. With wildlife refuges and major bird migration stopovers in the way of the oil spill the destruction of their habitats will have ramifications for many of us.

Birds eat insects. Continue reading