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Deforestation Exacerbates Somali Famine

A Somali child undergoing treatment at a refugee facility in Kenya.

The famine in the Horn of Africa has reached epic proportions but the Center for International Forestry and Research (CIFOR) report that this could have been easily avoided. Thanks to deforestation practices occurring within the region the famine has struck low income and agriculturally dependent populations the hardest. Continue reading

Somali Refugees Observe Ramadan Fasting During Drought

Many Somali refugees will be observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It’s a time when, among other things, people fast during the daylight hours, though they are already “fasting” due to starvation. Many Somalis are caught in the midst of what the United Nations describes the Somali drought as the worst humanitarian disaster in the world and what United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls the situation a “catastrophic combination of conflict, high food prices (as we saw in Egypt during the Arab Spring) and drought“.

These are some of the effects of climate change that will only increase.

Famine was officially declared in 2 regions of Somalia in late July while another 8 million in neighboring countries including Kenya and Ethiopia need food assistance.

Ramadan is also a time of for generosity and compassion. In the video people in Nairobi observing the holy month donate food to starving Somalis to deliver aid that also hasn’t come from other sources.