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Thanksgiving Is The New Pre-Christmas


It’s Thanksgiving again and I suppose now is a good time to contemplate the meaning of Thanksgiving. In school we were told European pilgrims were fleeing religious persecution in Europe and came to North America. Ill equipped for life in the New World they soon needed help and the indigenous peoples living here helped them out and basically saved their lives.

The pilgrims were so filled with gratitude they killed their new friends and tried to destroy their way of life. So the original Thanksgiving was about gratitude. Then it became about family and killing turkeys (out of gratitude?) oh yeah and football.

Now if we are being honest we should admit Thanksgiving is the new pre Christmas. Who cares about Thanksgiving Thursday when it’s all about Black Friday?

How could we forget about the genocidal roots of this “holiday”?

Here’s a video I’d like to share with you about anti immigrant sentiment in celebration of Columbus Day, which to me was always Thanksgiving’s twin. The sentiment is still the same and so is the celebration. Nothing says American like anti immigrant sentiments, even during the holidays. Enjoy.

“Robert Erickson” Speech to MN Tea Party Against Amnesty

I am grateful for my readers, including the special reader that sent this to me.

New York City’s Mayor Gets Creative With Homeless People

Photo Credit: DREAMSCAPE by SkyShaper. An incredible artist…

I had a co worker once that ran away to New York City the day after his graduation in pursuit of a career in fashion and a lifestyle out of the closet. Fortunately for him he was very talented and driven. Many who come to the Big Apple don’t make it. Still others have fallen on hard times financially. Either way there is a significant homeless population in New York City and our current mayor Michael Bloomberg has sworn to eradicate the problem. Continue reading