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VIDEO: Erykah Badu: Love Story

erykah badu love story interview

I came across this Love Story just in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s always great to hear anybody who loves what they do speak about their craft. Ms. Badu describes herself as a healer and we’re all about that here so I thought I’d share.

VIDEO: Erykah Badu’s Red Bull Music Academy Lecture

Erykah Badu lecture

In this video Erykah Badu sits down with Red Bull Academy and talks about everything from life, to family to Dilla, the evolution of her sound, raising children and having a music career.

Erykah Badu needs little introduction. Her seminal works like ‘Baduizm’ and the ‘New AmErykah’ series have successively upped the ante in terms of what can be done within the soul spectrum. Erykah fuses cosmic b-girl bravado with the forward-thinking sounds of producers like the Soulquarians, Madlib, and more recently, Academy grad Flying Lotus, to create a sonically varied body of work – selling millions of albums in the process. She also heads up her own record label, Control FreaQ, and has even been caught on the ones and twos recently, under her moniker DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. Watch her tell the story to Eothen ‘Egon’ Alapatt at the Red Bull Music Academy 2011 in Madrid.

Holistic Healer Queen Afua On The Effects Of Women’s Health On The World

Queen Afua Sacred Woman

The womb is the gateway of all human life. When the womb is honored and respect becomes a channel of power, creativity, and beauty—and joy reigns on earth. When voice goes unheard, unanswered, denied, the womb becomes a vessel of disease.

The collective state of women’s wombs reflects the condition of the world. When so women’s wombs suffer from tumors, cysts, frigidity, and heavy menstrual bleeding so many women experience sexually aggressive acts and unnecessary hysterectomy disharmony covers the earth. -Queen Afua, Sacred Woman; A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Queen Afua is nationally renowned herbalist, holistic health specialist, and dedicated healer of women’s bodies and souls, who has practiced from a uniquely Afrocentric spiritual perspective for nearly 40 years. Continue reading

Viewing The Super Harvest Moon From A Lonely Planet

In the days before electric lights, farmers depended on bright moonlight to extend the workday beyond sunset. It was the only way they could gather their ripening crops in time for market.” ~Tony Phillips, NASA

So it may not look like much but this is a photo I took last night of the moon. It’s a full moon that shone so brightly last night after the rain folks on twitter tweeted about it, including Erykah Badu. Continue reading

Some Thoughts On M.I.A.’s Contoversial “Born Free” Video

M.I.A.’s new video directed by Romain Gavras is stirring up some controversy and not for nudity like Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”. It was yanked from youtube in the US almost immediately.

The video is violent and graphic but M.I.A., whom I am a supporter of, often speaks of violence in her music and other assorted topics Americans with sensitive ears are shielded from. “Born Free” shows young, white male redheads being rounded up by authorities, a kid getting shot in the head, another beaten and yet another blown up. It’s NSFW but you can watch the video below. Continue reading

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