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PHOTOS: Moving Planet Global Day Of Action

hanoi moving planet 350
Photo Credit: Hanoi, Vietnam by Bo via 350.org

“Endless thanks for all who made #movingplanet so…moving. I dare you to look at the photos with a dry eye.” -Bill McKibben via twitter

Friends, don’t ever be fooled into thinking nothing’s happening. There are protests and demonstrations, not just on Wall Street, but all over the world and on the environmental front too. These demonstrations are held locally, this means no one has to hop in a car and go to Washington D.C. to protest, you do this in your neighborhood, hop on the internet, then share your images and experience with others.

On Saturday, September 24 writer Bill McKibben’s 350.org in partnership with hundreds of organizations around the world held over 2,000 events in over 175 countries for Moving Planet and they’ve got pics of children all over the world to prove it! Continue reading

Somali Refugees Observe Ramadan Fasting During Drought

Many Somali refugees will be observing the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. It’s a time when, among other things, people fast during the daylight hours, though they are already “fasting” due to starvation. Many Somalis are caught in the midst of what the United Nations describes the Somali drought as the worst humanitarian disaster in the world and what United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls the situation a “catastrophic combination of conflict, high food prices (as we saw in Egypt during the Arab Spring) and drought“.

These are some of the effects of climate change that will only increase.

Famine was officially declared in 2 regions of Somalia in late July while another 8 million in neighboring countries including Kenya and Ethiopia need food assistance.

Ramadan is also a time of for generosity and compassion. In the video people in Nairobi observing the holy month donate food to starving Somalis to deliver aid that also hasn’t come from other sources.

Make It Beautiful: After Protests Comes “Day of Cleaning” In Egypt

Egyptian baby protesting
Photo Credit: Gigi Ibrahim, “For a better future..Viva Revolution ! #Egypt #Tahrir”

We’re taking care of the square, and then we’ll clean up the whole country. This is a beautiful country. Now it’s ours and we’re going to take care of it.” -Mohammed El Tayeb, AOL News

After a history making past 18 days of protests, a “Day of Rage” and the “Day of Millions” 30 year dictator Hosni Mubarak was pushed out of office by Egyptians demanding change. How do you top that? Well, one day later Egyptians declared Saturday, February 12, 2011 a “Day of Cleaning”. Continue reading

Are Rising Food Prices Fueling Unrest In Egypt?

AngerRevolution Egypt
Photo Credit: FreeStylee, “AngerRevolution”

I told my wife on the phone, “Tell my kids, if I pass away here, tell my kids, ‘Your father was a man, was a man of his word. He stood up for his rights, for your rights, and he went away for you. So, don’t lose this.’” And I was sure this may happen…I am ready to it. I am trying to be ready to it. I’m trying real hard to be ready, to be ready for bullets, for fire, for the last fight. I’m ready. I’m trying, trying to be ready.” -Dr. Ali El Mashad, Egyptian physician, protester

On January 25th, 2011 “The Day of Anger” a string of protests took place across Egypt and the uprising has dominated the news and social media ever since. In Tahrir Square Democracy Now!’s Sharif Abdel Kouddous spoke to Egyptian physician and protester Dr. Ali El Mashad about the unrest in Egypt. I’ve never heard anyone speak quite like that before. I had to share this with you. Watch the interview below. Continue reading

Omar Offendum Talks To Aljazeera English About New Song “#Jan25 Egypt”

omar offendum

I heard them say the revolution won’t be televised/Al Jazeera proved them wrong/Twitter has them paralyzed.” -Omar Offendum

Syrian Hip Hop artist Omar Offendum is getting some attention these days. His new anthem inspired by the Egyptian protests. The song, “#Jan25 Egypt”, has a slew of features and line quoted above is dope! He was recently interviewed about the track on Aljazeera English. Watch it below. This may be some of the only Aljazeera English some of you will see for a while. Continue reading

BHM Quote: Ta-nehisi Coates On Weight Loss, Racism And The Environment

Hence, for me, the search for individual racists, and narrow individual acts of racism, is about as useful as the search for a pack of low-fat Oreos.

I guess it helps. Kinda.

We should be proud that in the 21st century we have a black president, the clearest evidence that white supremacy, and white racism, as a system of consumption, has been vanquished. But we should be humbled by the clear evidence that we don’t really understand what we defeated, how we did it, or how it’s legacy haunts us today.

I once thought the curse of not grappling with a system that sent 600,000 men to their deaths would be racial violence. Now, I think that curse might be the habit of sweeping things under the rug. In the case of people, it’s fine.

The old die and the young forget. But I’m not so worried that we don’t get the deeper meanings behind Selma. I’m worried that intellectual laziness is addictive.

We can get away with not understanding slavery; the 99 cent hamburger, not so much. People forgive. They have to. Planets are different. ~Ta-Nehisi Coates

In case you were wondering Ta-Nehisi Coates’s first name is pronounced Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know About The Swine Flu

Photo Credit

Why is it called “the swine flu”?
“Novel H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” ) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. This virus was first detected in people in the United States in April 2009. This virus is spreading from person-to-person worldwide, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread. On June 11, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) signaled that a pandemic of novel H1N1 flu was underway.” ~answers.flu.gov

Who is swine flu affecting?
“The illness, unlike other flu strains, has been particularly tough on children and young adults and appears to have a disproportionately high fatality rate in pregnant women.” ~nytimes.com

What about the vaccine?
The H1N1 vaccine is controversial. Some consider it more dangerous than the flu itself. “The federal vaccination program for H1N1 flu is VOLUNTARY, just like the seasonal flu vaccination Continue reading

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